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Discussion in 'The Squawk Box' started by DesolationBlvd, Sep 5, 2017.

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    Nov 25, 2012
    After my NPD got my Mesa DC-5 sounding just right, I decided I needed a seven-string of some sort to make it chug. I remembered there were two Ibanez seven-strings, older made-in-Japan ones, up at a store I frequent. Sadly, they were in worse shape than I remembered.

    GAS still burning, I thought: what else do I "need", that is in my "impulse" price range? It was down to a Roland D-50 to round out my synth lineup or a cheaper Marshall amp. Had it down to a JCM2000 DSL 401 or a JTM30 among the amps there. Threw out a lowball for either, and they accepted it for the JTM30. Funnily enough, I was already leaning towards the JTM30. The gain channels on the DSL just sounded wrong to me.

    The boost channel that impressed me in the store sounded funny to me once I got it home. Did not play well with pedals boosting it further. I found my answer - the boost channel has clipping diodes. Oh well, turned up the volumes a little, and I recaptured that magic from the store. Still thinking of getting it modded with a bypass switch. I heard a demo online and the boost channel without clipping sounded even closer to the sound in my head, though the current boost channel has grown on me.

    The clean channel, on the other hand, takes pedals very well. The SD-1 that disappointed me so much with the Mesa has found its home here. Probably going to mod my SD-1 for more output.

    Just took my ears a little time to get used to a midrange-heavy rig after months of jamming only with a scooped out sound.

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    Apr 18, 2012
    I had one for a while that replaced a VS100 that was playing up. I liked it clean but never did come to love the boost channel. I always thought it was strange having a diode clipping circuit on a Marshall (but I have learnt since that there are other models that have this feature). I really knew nothing about amps at the time I owned it so probably may have got more out of it if I'd kept it. I ended up replacing it with a Vintage Modern, an awesome amp. Sometimes I wish it came in a 2 X 10" configuration because that's he thing I really miss about the JTM30. I still love the look of JTM30s as well.

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