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    Jun 28, 2011
    That said, I also have an MIJ SoCal (Charvel Pro-Mod), that I feel just has a better wood quality than the MIM ones I played...
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    Oct 24, 2013
    I've had a few MIJ guitars, always top quality in my book.

    - A 1992 Jackson Fusion Professional, sold a few years back. This was the entry level of MIJ Jackson Professional at the time. Great quality in construction, but the electronics were so so, specially the pickups. Very well built.

    - A 1994 Jackson Stealth Professional LT. Top level in the Stealth model. Far better in all areas than the Fusion above. Great sustain, very well built. No complains at all.

    - A Charvel model 6, 1988. That's a very different story, high end guitar. This guitar I would say could rival a made in USA any day. A neck through model amazingly built, great tone, very good electronics.

    - A Yamaha Pacifica Mike Stern model. I don't know the year. I will never understand why this guitar doesn't sell more expensive in the used market. I got it very cheap used when new it was around €1800. It is a high end instrument, no mistake about that.

    Well that's my story. I assume not everything is "great" just because it is MIJ. I just bought mine because they were good, it's not that I've been lucky.
    In general I think people is exaggerating a bit the prices, I see many MIJ Fenders more expensive than MIA ones... MIJ Squiers at €500 come on. In Japan they had the whole range from high end to low end guitars, not everything is high end.
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    Jun 4, 2014
    I still own 2 USA Jacksons and I have owned a few MIJ Jackson and Charvel models. My belief is that the Early Jackson Professional models with the real mother of pearl inlays are every bit the equal of the US Jacksons. I honestly have no idea why I sold my Archtop Pro! A Charvel Model 6, I used to own also fell into that category (except for the bridge). The later MIJ models are nice good quality guitars but, not on the same level as USA Jacksons/early Jackson Professionals.

    Ibanez Prestige and J. Custom guitars (I have a FEW) are fabulous as are Heartfields (I have 2)!

    I still own 2 ESP's. I also agree that the 1st run Korean LTD's are great. I have no idea why ESP went E-II. They didn't need to change anything. Quality wise they are still great but, not all are quite as toneful in my opinion.
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    Nov 18, 2014
    Well, I have three EII's, very nice guitars, they are smooth, sophisticated, well finished and sound great. Great necks. I tend to go for the neck through models, but the various H1000s sound great as well. MIJ. I think they are worth it, but every so often you can find a signature guitar in the 600 series, lower cost but have had extra care lavished on them. The trick is to find one that was MIJ. I haven't owned an Ibanez for years (an S-type) until today. Today I received a J Custom RG30, and I love it. See if you can find a used J custom in a non-nosebleed price bracket, these seem to be the best they make.
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