looking for the fastest feet in the west. :)

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    my buddy claims to be just that, but when we were playing around at a party last night, i asked him if he could play this tune (at this tempo) with the double bass idea i was hearing. he wasn't quite getting the gist (even though it's pretty simple, and yet almost impossible).

    i told him i'd record a bit of it today in my daw (which this sample is).

    even if he broke the verses up and played half the beats on the bass drum, this is a pretty challenging tempo to get though 4 1/2 minutes. i only did a 2 minute slice, for him to practice with. i doubt he'll be able to do it, but if he does, i'll post the final results. :)


    ps, i know i effed up the chord progression in the chorus, but that's an easy fix. i was just going for the feel.

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