Learning How to Bend Strings

Discussion in 'Guitar Lessons' started by jeff_farkas, Nov 7, 2017.

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    Apr 8, 2012
    When you do it enough, you will find that you will be able control the bend to the exact pitch that you want... without "hunting" for the note. It's a combination of muscle memory and your ear.

    That's only part of it, however.

    What makes the bend is the vibrato when you get there. Once you can control that - you will have mastered the bend.
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    it's not the bend that's important - but the destination!
    Learning to incorporate bends in playing is about learning to think ahead.
    Don't play a note and think "and now I will add a cool bluesy bend!". (That's backwards!)
    It is better to think "I want to play an A note on the beat, so I will play a G before the beat and bend it to be an A".
    The mechanics don't matter so much as the timing - just in my opinion, of course. The mechanics pretty much sort themselves out with time.

    I think a useful exercise is to play a well known melody, but start every note on the previous scale degree before it is to be played and bend up to the desired note.
    Or try it with a well known riff on the lower strings even.

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