Kauer / Rhoney Guitars Open House (6/13 Sacramento)

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    Hi OSG!

    Hey its that time of year again, our open house is JUNE 13th!. For those of you who haven't been, this is our annual open house. While it is at my shop, it's not a Kauer / Rhoney customer only event, everyone is welcome. Last year we had 200+ people, great music, food and beer all day. Family, dogs (on a leash prefered) and of course kids are welcome!

    Time: 11am - 6pm (though it usually winds down later)

    9864 Dino Dr #6
    Elk Grove, CA 95624

    Raffle prizes?
    A Kauer Guitar or two for starters. We usually have great stuff from our friends and supporters, Mono, Roadhouse, Wolfetone, Stringdog and more. Paul and I usually make a couple special things for it. For any of our friends and suppliers viewing this, donations are greatly appreciated!

    Here's a teaser of one of the two guitars we're giving away

    Food this year again is going to be provided by the The Squeeze Inn Truck. Bring cash or credit, lunch is usually around 10-12 bucks per person from the truck. It's worth every cent, last year there was a two hour period where everyone was too full to talk or play music!

    THE SQUEEZE TRUCK WILL ONLY BE THERE FROM 12-4PM ONLY. If you show up after 4, you'll be on your own for food!

    If you'd like to bring something sweet to share, we certainly won't oppose. We'll have kegs from Rascher Family BrewCO again this year.

    What else to bring?

    I always encourage people to bring an interesting guitar, amp, pedal ect. It's like a psuedo guitar show, doesn't have to be a Kauer/Rhoney. It's an excuse for a bunch of us (200+ last year) to get together and collectively nerd out about guitars. Just don't bring a blues JR or a Twin Reverb, we'll have those covered (along with a 66 Bassman, 66 Pro Reverb, 65 Bandmaster, Satellite Atom, Barracuda and Mudshark - all of which can be borrowed at the jam).

    Chairs are provided (and tents for shade). If you want to bring something sweet to share, we certainly won't object. Being in June this year, it will likely be HOT. (~90* atleast). We have tents for shade, we'll probably rig up misters if needed but plan accordingly).

    To RSVP if you would be so kind, join our event on facebook

    The Jam:
    Goes all day, run mostly by our friend and cohort Dave (bluesmandave) and it's always a blast. Again, you don't have to play a Kauer/Rhoney. Bass players and drummers ESPECIALLY WELCOME. Want to jam on a Kauer/Rhoney? We'll have plenty there to play on. Like always, I'll have all the PA equipment, drumset and bass amp provided. you can bring your own amp or borrow any of mine (3 satellites, 66 pro reverb, 66 bassman, 65 bandmaster and whatever else I might acquire between now and then).

    If you want to play as a band, we're ok with that under the following conditions:
    1. Plan on 2-3 songs.
    2. You don't get an hour to sound check, tear down our gear and put yours up. Really, if you can't get up there and be making music in 15 minutes or so, it's not worth it.
    3. Your drummer, bass player ect may get "volunteered" to help with the jam.
    4. Kauer/Rhoney customer bands will get a little extra special treatment.

    - Anyone willing to be the house drummer and bass player (as needed) all day we will buy lunch for -

    Need overnight accommodations? There are two hotels not more than 10 minutes from the shop AND right next to a bunch of food (in-n-out included). Here:

    http://hiltongardeninn3.hilton.com/en/h ... index.html


    http://www.ihg.com/holidayinnexpress/ho ... oteldetail

    Those are the two most convenient accommodations.

    Last years event can be viewed here: MarkWeinGuitarLessons.com ... 199/page-4

    Here's some pictures from last year:
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    What the bummer!!!
    I'm going to be there only few days later :((((
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