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    Just popping in here.

    I snagged an 80's PRS custom 24 off eBay with a headstock split. It was perfectly playable, but the first "repair" looks like it was done by a third grader with Elmers.

    I loved the guitar, but the split bugged me. I didn't trust it, I didn't want to bring the guitar out of the house for fear of more damage.

    I contacted PRS' PTC, but their quote for an "invisible" repair, paint, headstock sticker and re-inking the serial number was very expensive. Seeing Jim's work here, I decided to send him the guitar for the repair.

    I challenged Jim to "make it invisible" and try to keep the sticker and serial number intact. Jim took the challenge, and off the guitar went to Chicago.

    Before pix:



    After pix:



    I am very happy with the result. The repair, is indeed, invisible. The sticker and serial number remain untouched, the repair is solid. It's an older guitar, with playwear on it; the overspray to blend in the color is perfectly matched. We chose not to buff it out, because a nice shiny headstock on a worn guitar would look weird....

    Jim's price was very fair, his communication was excellent. I was quoted a time frame and Jim delivered on time.
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    Nice work, Jim! :thumb:
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