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    I think just the oppossite. We always hear about how good songwriter he was and so on, but I don´t like very much his solo work to be honest, and as far as songwriting goes, I think AXL was the main responsible for the success (It was a team work though).
    As a guitarist, he had taste with his riffs and arrangements, yes, but slash did more relevant work to be honest.
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    I'll assume this is pure sarcasm...
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    I don’t listen to much GnR, but I feel the same about Stone Gossard in Pearl Jam VS Mike McCreedy. Better writer and more unique player.
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    Did you know that Slash played all of the rhythm parts on the first Snakepit album, his solo debut and Apocalyptic Love? And he wasn't just doubling the same riffs on each side. He's single-handedly created some incredible rhythm arrangements in his career.

    This. Frankly, I find Gilby's solo material more interesting than Izzy's. Gilby is the real underrated rhythm player if you ask me. Tijuana Jail is a far better song than anything I've heard by Izzy since Guns. Izzy seems to have been built up, especially around the reunion, simply because he was in the classic lineup. People attribute their songwriting to him when the entire AFD album was attributed to the entire band, so we really don't know who wrote what beyond some quotes by members.

    If you really knew anything about the band, you'd know that statement is absolute rubbish. It's pretty amazing how fully some people will believe a narrative like that simply because they hear it enough.

    Just look at UYI. Izzy's songs were not the hits by a long shot. Double Talkin Jive is the best song he ever single handedly wrote. The rest of his songs on that album were basically only good because of the rest of the band's contributions; Dust N Bones, You Ain't the First and 14 Years were forgettable songs without Slash and Axl's parts laid over them. They were also clear stylistic departures from the rest of the material.

    Not to mention, Izzy's solo work has been totally forgettable and nothing like GNR. So to say he is the biggest contributor to GNR, which largely sounded nothing like his work, is ludicrous. Looking at their work since GNR, it's clear that Axl contributed lyrics, vocal melodies and putting chords together on a piano, whereas Slash was the king of riffs and solos. The only thing he sometimes lacked strength in was structuring a song, which is where I think Izzy came in with GNR. Slash would write a brilliant riff like the main riff of Brownstone, and Izzy would come up with those pre-choruses to tie it into the chorus. Or with Sweet Child, Slash noodled his way into that iconic main riff and Izzy put chord changes behind it. Now, you tell me, would those chord changes alone without Slash's riff or Axl's vocal performance have made a memorable song?

    Slash and Axl's top quality, distinctive work since the split really shows where the songwriting talent was in that band. Don't get me wrong, Izzy was a great player and contributed some important chord changes here and there, but to say he was the most important band member is like saying Phil Rudd made AC/DC, or that the sky is green. Izzy is not even to GNR what Malcolm Young was to AC/DC. Malcolm actually wrote most of their songs and wrote ones that were hits and fan favorites, too.

    He really has inspired a hipster following of a sort. Ever since the reunion I see all these "fans" who were nowhere to be seen in the meantime, proclaiming how "only true fans know Izzy was handed down from God and made GNR what it was". I bet half of them couldn't even identify Izzy's guitar in the mix. He was a great player and his style complimented Slash, but he did not actually contribute a large share of the songwriting. Sorry fanboys, but that is the reality.

    And Gilby was a fantastic player whose style also complimented Slash's beautifully.

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    I always viewed Izzy as underrated and Irreplaceable to GNR....Until I seen the Not In This Lifetime show.
    Fortus more than hold his own.
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    As I mentioned in a previous reply, Richard Fortus is a tremendous player, very much along the lines of Steve Stevens's perfect blend of "the best of the old + the best of the new" yet even way more technical (when required) than Stevens and definitely more than Slash or Izzy; he can go from Johnny Thunders to Joe Satriani through Chet Atkins at command, and do it with style, conviction & musicality. I know, I've seen him doing it.
    And he's a terrific guy too, he knows when to talk, when to shut up and how not to make waves, which also speaks of his total professionalism.
    The thing with Fortus is that his career right from the beginning (starting with the Psychedelic Furs) steered towards session work, he's "the guy on a retainer", which is a shame because I think he could really bring something to the guitar community's table, if put in the right position.
    Axl (who, like him or not, is NOT an idiot) well knows that, and that's why Fortus has been his constant guitar sidekick for close to 15 years...
    Anyone in the business knows that the famous George Harrison's quote "don't believe the truth" applies in spades; you need a degree of talent for sure but ultimately fame, popularity and notoriety have a lot(!!!) if not everything to do with personal management, PR team, publicist and also...a lot of luck.
    If proof is needed go ask Ray Gomez about that, a true "missed opportunity" if ever there was one!
    Yeah, Richard's a cool cat.
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    You either get what Izzy was doing or you don't.

    There's a reason why so many of us regard him as a very important part of one of the biggest bands of all time, when you understand that you'll begin to understand music.

    In the meantime enjoy playing your very fast 'solos,' down guitar center.

    Sorry for the sarcasm, but every time I've had this discussion the anti Izzy crowd are always these twiddly twiddly tapper types, who've never written a decent riff in their life, and have absolutely no idea of what makes a band and song tick.

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