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    The '68 has a maple top the '57 is supposed to be solid mahogany. There are some '57s that are made with a mahogany cap and some were solid without a cap. The way to tell is the cable route in the control cavity. Square route means it was routed before the top was applied. Round means they used a long drill bit to drill from the output jack to the toggle switch and would be a solid one piece (no glued on top) body.
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    I didn't pay close to $8,000. I didn't get it for half that. But, it was a lot closer to half, than full retail.

    I got mine, because another person had ordered it, and never showed up to pick it up. Didn't return calls. Since it was my friend's sale, he gave me first dibs on it, and a healthy discount.

    '68 RI has the maple cap. TH is all Mahogany. The neck on the '68 closer to a regular Custom, though feels a bit wider/flatter on the fretboard. The TH is a bat. I think my '16 Traditional, is pretty close to the same neck.

    RI has the '57 Classics, which are my favorite pickups. TH has these massive, deep tone pups. It just sounds BIG. Those are the custom wound buckers, to mimic the '57.

    After that, fit and finish, are almost identical. The '68 is stunning.

    Yes, it's the "fretless wonder." Though, I really don't think it's that far off from my '68, which I'm pretty sure, isn't one.

    In fact, my Kramer Baretta has wider, flatter frets. They're insane on that guitar.
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    Mar 21, 2016
    You know you got it bad when you're specifically searching for something you want then come across something else you've just GOT to have. This will certainly delay the '57. It's an '82...

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    Now I understand this much more than you could possibly imagine :thumb:
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    Um, just buy it.
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