Interesting Ernie Ball Article On Pedal Boards

Discussion in 'Pedals' started by BenjaminW, Aug 6, 2017.

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    for the most part I think it's pretty standard... I think the phaser might belong at the end where the chorus/reverb is, but I'm not huge on phase anyway... so do whatever sounds best...

    also, sage advice in the comments about the volume pedal being first... putting it first is no different than turning it down at your guitar, you will cut gain, etc... also some people run a boost at the end of their chain, for a volume-only jump... running boost before dirt increases the amount of dirt, more than it increases the volume... so putting the boost at the end of the chain is great for leads

    I run wah,comp,boost,Dirt (OD/distortion/fuzz)-AMP input-loop send-VOLUME-chorus,etc,delay, loop return (amp has reverb, but not sure if that is pre or post the amp's loop...

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