Hughes & Kettner Red Box 5, ancient Yamaha mixer, my studio

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    May 30, 2015
    I picked up a Red Box today while L&M has them on sale. I wanted a DI and a cab simulator. Once I got home and started messing with it, I discovered that:
    1) it needs an line or speaker input. It doesn't like the output from a pedal.
    2) there's a few ways to use this box
    guitar>pedal>AmPlug>Red Box>mixer
    guitar>pedal>AmPlug>mixer/L>line out>Red Box>mixer/R
    guitar>pedal>mixer>line out L to AmPlug>Red Box>mixer line in R
    guitar>pedal>mixer>line out L>Red Box>AmPlug>pedal>mixer line in R

    If I use the line out to line in I can only monitor via headphones in stereo and record to the PC in mono, OR I can use the headphone out on the mixer to the line in on the PC to record in stereo, then monitor through the PC.

    Here's a photo of my "studio"


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