How many guitars have you owned, in your life?

Discussion in 'Other Guitars' started by eyeface, Oct 16, 2010.

  1. Zarg

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    Jun 29, 2016
    playing for 3 years now, I had about 25 guitars so far... quite the sum but I really hope to find a keeper soon, it actually starts to annoy me a bit (with the shipping)
  2. SiLeach66

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    Nov 24, 2015
    I've always kept a running total since 1980

    Scary what you spend over the years, and I only have 4 of the 80 left !

    1 Ibanez Blazer 1980 £120.00
    2 Columbus Les Paul 1979 £40.00
    3 Westone Les Paul £60.00
    4 CSL (Ibanez) SG double neck £350.00
    5 Encore Les Paul £60.00
    6 Tokai Les Paul 1996 £220.00
    7 Tokai Les Paul Gold Top £170.00
    8 Tokai SG 1995 £180.00
    9 Gibson Explorer Custom Shop £2,200.00
    10 Gibson SG Standard £999.00
    11 Gibson SG Special* £450.00
    12 Gibson SG Special* £500.00
    13 Gibson SG Angus Signature £999.00
    14 Gibson Les Paul Standard 2012 £1,200.00
    15 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top Replica £400.00
    16 Epiphone Les Paul Standard £200.00
    17 Epiphone Les Paul Junior £180.00
    18 Epiphone Les Paul Studio £120.00
    19 Epiphone SG Special £100.00
    20 Epiphone SG G400 £110.00
    21 Aria Pro II Knight Warrior £240.00
    22 Aria Pro II MK2 £200.00
    23 Charvel Model 4 £450.00
    24 Charvel Model 6 £300.00
    25 Ibanez RG140 £140.00
    26 Ibanez RG350 £350.00
    27 Ibanez RG450 £240.00
    28 Ibanez RGR320 £330.00
    29 Ibanez JEM 555 BK £400.00
    30 Ibanez JEM 555 WH £375.00
    31 Ibanez RG550 £350.00
    32 Ibanez 540R £340.00
    33 Ibanez ART £240.00
    34 Ibanez JS100 W £300.00
    35 Ibanez JS1000 BTB £900.00
    36 Ibanez JS1000 BP £1,000.00
    37 Ibanez JS1000 JS3 £900.00
    38 Ibanez JS1000 JS4 £850.00
    39 Ibanez JS1000 BP2 £1,000.00
    40 Ibanez JS1000 WH £850.00
    41 Ibanez JS1200 CA £1,100.00
    42 Ibanez JS100 BK £300.00
    43 Ibanez JS100 TR £250.00
    44 Ibanez JS100 Custom £240.00
    45 Ibanez JS100 NT £275.00
    46 Ibanez JS900 £450.00
    47 ESP M100 £200.00
    48 Washburn N £185.00
    49 Squire Strat £140.00
    50 Squire Tele £150.00
    51 Telecaster Relic replica £120.00
    52 Squire Tele Custom £200.00
    53 Fodic Strat £75.00
    54 Fender Strat 2001 £700.00
    55 Fender Telecaster mexican corona £350.00
    56 Fender Tele custom £500.00
    57 Vintage SG Relic 2000 £180.00
    58 Vintage SG Relic 2009 £200.00
    59 Vintage SG Relic 2013 £220.00
    60 Vintage SG Standard £229.00
    61 Vintage Relic Strat £250.00
    62 Musicman EVH £450.00
    63 Jackson Adrian Smith £375.00
    64 Takamine TAN Electro £1,100.00
    65 Takamine EG330 £399.00
    66 Ovation £450.00
    67 Les Paul Custom £2,050.00
    68 Vinatge EVH £90.00
    69 Tele Raygun Relic £140.00
    70 Harmony Strat £60.00
    71 Dave Gilmour replica £280.00
    72 Ibanez Electro Acoustic £185.00
    73 Ibanez Destroyer DT200 £103.00
    74 Ibanez FRM100 Paul Gilbert £410.00
    75 Squier 1959 relic £260.00
    76 Custom Shop Les Paul £350.00
    77 Ibanez PGM80P £1,100.00
    78 Squier Tele £120.00
    79 Gibson SG Special Faded £400.00
    80 Gibson Les Paul Trad 2016 £1,800.00
  3. Petergrifindor

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    Mar 30, 2015
    The same 14 that I have now. They keep coming but nothing goes out.
  4. Evo8

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    Dec 4, 2014
    squier strat*
    epiphone explorer goth*
    washburn dimeslime 333*
    dean dime o flame*
    schecter holt v
    esp ltd alexi 600
    esp ltd exp-200*
    gibson explorer
    gibson flying v
    orville by gibson lp std
    epiphone jdm lpc 80
    jackson stars kv-j2e
    epiphone elitist lp std
    epiphone jdm lq lp custom
    esp custom mx-ii
    epiphone jdm lq lp custom
    washburn custom shop dimeslime 3

    Since 2004, 17 total. Sold off 5.
  5. Brian Krashpad

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    May 12, 2008
    Zoinks, that's like 44 grand in real money!

    Of course, it's not a really accurate figure either, at least not net, because in many cases one sells off an item and then plows that money back into the next.
  6. Walt_T

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    Apr 3, 2014
    I can't remember, probably better than fifty. Down to 15 at the moment.
    '72 Telecaster with '52 RI neck
    '77 No name Ibanez Norlin suit LP Custom
    '83 Dimarzio/Warmoth partscaster super strat
    '80s Yamaha Pacifica Tele style
    '85 Washburn Woodstock Artist acoustic/electric(like Nancy Wilson played)
    '85 Telecaster Elite
    '98 Telecaster Ocean Turquoise
    '98 Telecaster '90s Thinline Cherry
    3 Warmoth partscaster Teles assembled '01
    '01 highly modded Epi LP Stardard
    '01 highly modded Epi Sheraton II
    '02 Washburn Cumberland jumbo acoustic
    '07 Fender MIJ '51 P-Bass
  7. RustyNuts

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    Jul 11, 2010
    How many guitars have I owned? Too many, but not enough.
  8. Parasite68

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    Dec 5, 2013
    This thread is not only a blast, but very interesting!

    All the guitars listed in my signature are still valid although I have recently traded in a couple of Epiphone Les Paul's to satisfy my ongoing obsession with Ace Frehley models and the Paul Stanley Iceman. I started out as a child with a 68 Yamaha acoustic that I cut my teeth on. That lasted very shortly, as I was no Bonamassa, so my guitar playing was put on hold for a few decades. Enter into 2008... After a brutal, yet, successful, divorce, I decided to pick up an Epiphone LP and try again... I haven't looked back since. In total, I have obtained and traded close to sixty guitars since 2011. The brands range from Gibson, PRS, Jackson, ESP... I now own a total of 25 guitars. I have 4 Washburn Paul Stanley models... one of my Washburns I have was a bucket list project that wound up with me getting the entire band's signatures, including all original members, plus the current lineup and even Bruce Kulick. 5 Ibanez Iceman,two are Ps120bk's, one PS120SS, one is a PS10-2 from '97? The other is a custom PS10 that I recently had the mirror effect done by KAMN guitars. I own 2 Gary Clark Jr Blak and Blues, one with Bigsby one without, 3 Bonamassa LP's... Inverness green, Pelham Blue, and Gold top. I was lucky enough to meet Joe in Mew Orleans last year and he signed both my Pelham blue and Goldtop. I also have 3 Ace Frehley Epiphone Budokans. One signed by him, that came from his personal colllection of Budokans to sell. It comes with the certificate but isn't numbered like the rest! I also own a Gibson Ace Frehley Smoker, and finally a Ace Frehley Epiphone from 1999. To complete my list, I own a Zach Myers PRS SE 3 pu silverburst that plays like a beast. To the best of my knowledge this is my story and I'm sticking to it!
  9. Brian Krashpad

    Brian Krashpad Senior Member

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    May 12, 2008
    Year-end update, in no particular order:


    1 Gibson Les Paul Studio Double Cutaway
    2 Hamer P-90 Special
    3 Gibson Les Paul Classic
    4 Fender American Vintage '52 Telecaster Reissue
    5 Fender Tex-Mex Tele Special
    6 Ovation Breadwinner
    7 Rickenbacker 620
    8 DeArmond Jet Star (Crimson Transparent)
    9 Fender Duo-Sonic (1960)
    10 Fender Squier Precision Bass (MIJ c.1987)
    11 Fender Standard Jazz Bass MIM
    12 Fernandes Ravelle Deluxe
    13 Peavey T-60 (1980)
    14 Gretsch Electromatic Special Jet G5255
    15 Sears noname electric (first electric, painted checkerboard as a wall decoration)
    16 Brownsville Choirboy
    17 No-name 1970's MIJ 6-string acoustic
    18 Yamaha 1970's 12-string acoustic
    19 Esteban Black & Silver A/E
    20 Epiphone Ltd. Ed. Custom Shop WildKat
    21 Danelectro Hodad
    22 Peavey USA Fury Bass
    23 Epiphone Thunderbird bass
    24 Peavey USA ’78-’79 T-40 bass
    25 Epiphone Casino (KOR 1997) w/Bigsby, master vol, Rio Grande in neck, Grovers
    26 Aria 1720 Bass (1970, JPN) Mosrite copy short scale bass
    27 Gibson Les Paul Jr. Special (P-90s, ebony matte, baked maple bound fretboard)
    28 Gibson 2013 SGJ (worn/rubbed white, added pickguard and Bobbin Toppers)
    29 Fender Classic Series 50’s Stratocaster
    30 Epiphone Ltd. Ed. Custom Shop '57 Reissue Les Paul Junior (P100 replaced by Duncan Antiquity P90, intonatable wrap bridge)
    31 Epiphone Ltd. Ed. Custom Shop Les Paul Special Singlecut (TV White)
    32 Epiphone Ltd. Ed. Les Paul Deluxe


    33 DeArmond M-72
    34 DeArmond M-75
    35 DeArmond Jet Star (Moon Blue)
    36 DeArmond Jet Star Special
    37 Epiphone ’67 Flying V
    38 Gibson Les Paul Jr. Special (P-100s, ebony gloss)
    39 Fender Standard Stratocaster MIM
    40 Gretsch Electromatic Jet Club G2403
    41 Rickenbacker 430
    42 Vega hollowbody
    43 Yamaha AES500
    44 Fernandes Native X
    45 Hondo II Explorer bass
    46 Squier Strat MIK (blackie)
    47 Epiphone G400 SG
    48 Squier Telecaster MIJ
    49 Daisy Rock Retro-H (pink with “grrlpower” inlay)
    50 Squier Tom Delonge (bought to flip)
    51 Squier VM Thinline Telecaster (bought to flip)
    52 Epi acoustic (bought to flip, owned less than 48 hours)
    53 Squier/parts dual P-90 Strat (blue metallic)
    54 Agile P-90 Valkyrie SG
    55 Jay Turser Stingray bass copy
    56 Peavey Predator (Strat)
    57 Schecter Tempest Special
    58 Daisy Rock Retro-H 12-string (white)
    59 Dean Cadillac X (bought to flip)
    60 Epiphone "Ltd. Ed." (greenburst) Les Paul Standard
    61 Squier Standard Strat (blond with tortoise pg and white pup covers)
    62 Squier Deluxe Stratocaster (Daphne blue)
    63 Gibson Les Paul Melody Maker (modded w/GFS Dream 90)
    64 Epiphone Junior (dogear P-90, boltneck)
    65 Gibson Les Paul Jr. Special SL (P-100s, Spearmint)
    66 Saga/Unknown "Parts" Telecaster (Seymour Duncan mini-humbucker in neck)
  10. SiLeach66

    SiLeach66 Senior Member

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    Nov 24, 2015
    That's true, I sold one or two to buy the next one and so on !
    The most I had at one time was 26, insured for around 15 grand !

    Still a scary total though
  11. Zarg

    Zarg Senior Member

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    Jun 29, 2016
    I will try to make this list complete, man I had so much already that I struggle to remember some, mostly because they are terrible. But for being 21 and playing for 3 years now, I'd say thats quite the bunch there.... considering most of the times I was a student and had no money to spend. I hope with my fender I finally found my "keeper", which I really think I have found.

    All the italic written ones are sold ...

    1: cheap santander JEM copy in white/lightning crackle
    2: Epiphone Les Paul Special II
    3: Harley Benton black LP Custom fake
    4: Harley Benton white explorer fake
    5: Harley Benton black ibanez 7 string fake
    6: Epiphone Les Paul Custom black
    7: Jackson JS22 dinky in flat black
    8: LTD Eclipse
    9: Ibanez RG something in black
    10: Epiphone Les Paul Standard in black
    11: Epiphone Les Paul Standard in HCS
    12: Epiphone Les Paul Custom in black
    13: Gibson Melody Maker Flying V in white
    14: Epiphone Korina Flying V
    15: Epiphone Gothic Explorer
    16: Epiphone Korina Explorer

    17: Fender Stratocaster in sonic blue (my main and the best of them all)
    18: Epiphone Les Paul Custom in white
  12. AccustomedtoStandards

    AccustomedtoStandards Senior Member

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    Jan 9, 2011
    Ones with an asterisk are still in the collection.

    1. Lotus Telecaster Copy
    2. Mach 1 Explorer Copy
    3. Lotus Les Paul Copy
    4. early 80s Gibson Les Paul Studio (dot neck)
    5. '83 Fender '57 Reissue Stratocaster*
    6. '87 Ibanez Jem 777 LG*
    7. '87 Ibanez RG550 DY
    8. '88 Rickenbacker 360/12
    9 1953 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top
    10. '86 Les Paul Custom Lite
    11. 80s Gibson Flying V (not sure of year)
    12. Early 90s MIJ Fender Telecaster Custom reissue
    13. Mid 80s Les Paul Junior
    14. 1956 Fender Duo-Sonic
    15. Fender Stratocaster HRR (MIJ)
    16. 1995 Gibson Les Paul Standard*
    17. Gibson SG Gothic
    18. Danelectro Mod 7
    19. Squier E Series Telecaster (MIJ)*
    20. Kramer Baretta 404 s/d
    21. Squier '51*
    22. Fender MIM 60th Stratocaster*
    23. Epiphone Les Paul Custom*
    24. Epiphone Dot Studio*
    25. Jackson RR5 Rhoads*
    26. Epiphone LP Special SC*
    27. Jackson JS23 Dinky*
    28. Ibanez RG120*
    29. Ibanez RG350*
    30. Ibanez RG3XXV*
    31. Ibanez RG927*
    32. Epiphone Wilshire Phant-O-Matic*
    33. Charvel SD-1 Super Stock*
    34. Charvel DST-1 Star*
    35. Jackson SLATTXMG3-6 *
    36. Epiphone Les Paul Classic T*
    37. Spirit GT-PRO Deluxe*
    38. Schecter C-1 Blackjack FR-S
    39. Unknown classical guitar
    40. Yamaha Eterna classical guitar*
    41. Alvarez Acoustic
    42. Epiphone AJ-15 Acoustic*
    43. Silvertone 1446
    44. Bruno Conquerer (not currently in playing condition)*
    45. Gretsch Electromatic Junior Jet Bass
    46. Fender Vintage Modified Precision Bass

    I think that's all of 'em, but the memory gets fuzzy sometimes.
  13. mmd

    mmd Senior Member

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    Sep 24, 2012
    I just liquidated some more the other day. I am now down to:

    PRS CU22
    PRS SC245
    PRS SC250
    PRS MC-58
    PRS Paul's Guitar
    PRS S2 SC
    PRS S2 Standard 22
    PRS Vela
    Ibanez 540S
    Ibanez RG560
    Fender Tim Armstrong acoustic
    Ibanez SR300 bass

    This is the lowest number I have owned since getting a real job. I am pretty excited. I might be letting the SAS or the Paul's Guitar go - if there is enough redundancy, I am cutting one loose.
  14. kezian

    kezian Senior Member

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    Dec 31, 2009
    7 so far, but im 24 and theres so much more. Ive only gotten rid of the first two
    Fender Starcaster (costco guitar haha. I literally returned it to costco after a year of lessons when i decided it was time for an upgrade)
    Epi Les Paul 100
    Global Les Paul copy (vintage japan)
    a small nylon acoustic
    12 string acoustic
    no name vintage japanese bass
    harmony rocket
  15. paruwi

    paruwi Kraut-Rocker Super Mod Premium Member

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    Dec 24, 2009

    • [*]70s Classical Guitar >sold
      [*]70s Steelstring #1 >sold
      [*]70s Steelstring #2 >sold
      [*]late 70s Ibanez LesPaul >sold
      [*]60-70s Framus SG-type >sold

      [*]80s Hohner headless G2 (licensed Steinberger copy)

      [*]Epi BBK Lucille >sold

      [*]Epi DR200CE
      [*]Epi LP Ukulele

      [*]Epi LP Ultra-II >sold
      [*]Epi Nichthawk Custom >sold
      [*]Epi LP Special DC >sold

      [*]Epi LP Junior #1
      [*]Albatross Jaguar-Type Custom

      [*]Epi LP Junior #2 >sold
      [*]Epi SG-Special 61 Reissue >sold

      [*]Epi Tak Matsumoto DC Custom

      [*]Fender PawnShop 51 >sold
      [*]Tokai LC-98 BB >sold
      [*]Gibson Midtown Custom >sold
      [*]HarleyBenton TE20 >sold

      [*]FGN NeoClassic LC-10
      [*]FGN Masterfield MSA-HP-C
      [*]FGN Masterfield MSA-SP-C
      [*]FGN J-Standard JFL-C
      [*]FGN Expert FLX HP
      [*]FGN Masterfield MSB-CM (Semi-Hollow Bass)

    makes a total of 27, sold 15, remaining 12
    though I'm not done yet :D
  16. Parabar

    Parabar Member

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    May 11, 2012
    1969 Gibson ES-125 deep body, no cutaway, neck P-90
    1972 Gibson ES-175D (blonde)
    Westbrook Classical
    Dillion DR-500 I in blue quilt

    Still Have:
    Takamine Classical EC-132SC
    Dean Performer SE 12 string
    Seagull Entourage CW Q1
    Gretsch Bobtail G9220 Resonator

    Solid Body Electrics:
    Peavey T-60
    Samick Artist Series SG
    Dillion DR500TI purple quilt
    Dillion DR 500I green quilt
    Sanatoga JT Hawk 12-string

    Hollow Body Electrics:
    Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor II
    Epiphone Broadway (Peerless)
    Epiphone Elitist Broadway
    Epiphone Emperor Regent
    Epiphone Casino
    Epiphone Sorrento
    Carlo Robelli ES-500
    Ventura Barney Kessel
    Gretsch G5120T
    Gretsch G5420T

    Semi-Hollow Body Electrics:
    Epiphone B.B. King Lucille
    Epiphone Wildkat
    Samick Artist Series SAT-650
    Samick Artist Series SAB-650
    Riff ES-345 copy
    Karera SH-800AN

    Electra P-bass copy
    Peavey T-40
    Epiphone Jack Casady Signature
  17. Nippon

    Nippon You looking at me? Premium Member

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    Mar 5, 2016
    1996 LP Standard
    2012 LP Studio
    2003 R9
    2005 R8
    2006 R8
    2009 R8
    2013 R8
    2013 R7
    2014 LP Traditional
    2014 R8
    2016 R8
    2016 R8
    2016 R 8 TH
    2016 LP Traditional

    1990 MIA Strat
    1999 MIJ Strat
    2012 MIJ Strat
    2014 MIJ Strat

    2012 Epiphone Budokan
    2014 Epiphone Slash

    A few.
  18. smk506

    smk506 Senior Member

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    Jan 5, 2009
    Epiphone SG special
    MIJ squier strat
    Samick Tele
    MIM strat
    Ibanez Nylon acoustic
    Carlo Robelli Dreadnought
    Gibson SG special
    Gibson Firebird
    Gibson Les Paul Custom lite
    Ibanez 335ish deal
    Ibanez jazzboxey kinda thing
    Gibson SG special
    '57 RI Strat
    American Standard strat
    Homebrew Strat
    home brew tele
    Epiphone Olympic
    Gibson melody maker
    Tokai les paul custom
    PGK 54 goldtop
    Carvin DC16owhatever
    Jackson Dinky
    Fender 12 string acoustic

    I think that's it.
  19. rjwilson37

    rjwilson37 Senior Member

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    Dec 31, 2010
    I don't have time to list them right now. But... My best recollection for all the guitar I've owned would be 27.

    I've owned 27 guitars over the years.
  20. sonar

    sonar Senior Member

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    Sep 10, 2008
    Since the mid 80's I've owned 23, including basses and acoustics.

    I currently own 12.

    4 of the 12 I have owned for over 20 years.

    And I assume this will change (either + or -) by the end of the year.

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