Holiday Gift for the Telecaster Crowd

Discussion in 'Fender' started by JuSteve, Dec 24, 2017.

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    If you have a bridge cover you are almost there. The beloved "Ash Tray," nobody uses them.

    Find a large flat, plastic Refrigerator Magnet. Attach it to the inside of the bridge cover. Make sure it would cover all 5 or 6 strings. (Keef' might be watching.) Use the biggest magnet that will fill the inside.

    Of course, mount the ashtray cover over the bridge & pickup. Strum or pick a few chords & compare the difference in sound. My best description is, I get a subtle, vibrato, echo, phase shift sort of tone, not unlike a lap steel.

    And don't forget to set your amp to at least 6, or dime the darned thing. Hearing loss does have some advantages when you get to be an Old Fart, like me.

    Best Wishes to All.
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