HMD-1 by XIXtech ( hm-2 content )

Discussion in 'Pedals' started by gaussgun, Dec 4, 2017.

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    Apr 22, 2014
    As a fan of that sweet HM-2 tone I always felt a little disappointed with 'all knobs to the right' usage and lack of versatility,
    But this HMD thing is the thing I’ve been looking for years. It’s impressive how responsive EQ is and what a range of sick tones can this pedal make by only tweaking a few knobs.

    However, I had some troubles with plugging my Hicon patches into the jacks 'cause they're kinda too close to each other (and don't forget the power socket between).
    Maybe that's because I'm more into all that huge Chad-like vintage gear than into modern tiny sissy pedals. And the LED light seems kinda dim but it's good enough to indicate the on/off
    state while playin a gig in a dark venue and not getting your eyes burnt out as a bonus.

    Speaking of the EQ I have to mention the focus knob: I don’t understand how it works but it shifts the frequencies in some kind of way so you can cut through the mix nicely. And there's a great control of highs which saves the low freqs while staying true to the original HM-2 sound. BTW, there’s no trouble using it with bass or low-tuned guitar. Suprisingly made in Russia

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    Nov 29, 2012
    In Soviet Russia pedal stomp you

    But in all seriousness that thing looks pretty sweet.

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