Historic Truss Rod Plastic Depth

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    Hi all!

    I've got an Edwards E-LP-130ALS coming in the mail tomorrow and I've already decided that if she's a keeper, I'll be swapping the truss rod cover, which is oval shaped with a flat bottom - sorta like the old Epiphones. Now as far as I'm aware, the truss rod hole goes all, or almost all the way down to the nut, hence I can't install a 2 screw TRC.

    My plan is to make a truss rod based on the bell cover, but one with a flat bottom, if that makes sense. I'm aware that there are Epiphone TRCs that do the same thing, but the two empty holes at the bottom would bother me and I'm not sure if their flat bottom would sit as flush to the nut as the Edwards.

    So then, I've determined to glue ABS plastic together and then cut out a bell shaped TRC (of which I have a template for) and stick it there. My dillemma is: What are the depths of the white and black plastic on historics or 50s les paul truss rod covers? Is it 1mm white and 0.5mm black? I realise it's probably going to be in inches but metric would be cool.

    I'll show you some photos when I get around to it.


    EDIT: In hindsight I should have just asked this question in the Vintage LPs section, but I guess I am making something, so oh well.
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  2. Bill Hicklin

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    Nov 3, 2014
    .020" white, .010" black, total thickness .030" (which works out to a gnat's eyelash of .5, .25 and .75mm anyway)
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    Sep 6, 2007
    I've measured 1950's vintage covers between .060" [1.5mm] and .069" [1.7mm] overall thickness. The black cap layer is about .005"-.008"[0.13mm-0.20mm].

    I had laminate custom-fabricated specifically for making TRCs and I can send a few pieces to you (or I can just make the cover). Just drop me a message at info@mojoaxe.com



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