Help a lefty (me) find a LP substitue

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    Aug 1, 2014
    I own a 2009 LP Traditional and I really love its sound and sustain, but its weight and ergonomics kill me. Note: I'm lefty.
    I was thinking about getting a 2018 LP Standard High Performance (HP), but I think the listing price is just out of whack ($3,629)... way too much for a non-custom model.
    Also, I don't really like the looks (it doesn't have the pickup rings and the sunburst is half finished).

    Anyhow, what would you recommend?
    The guitar MUST have
    - Belly cut ("tummy cut")
    - A reasonable heel access (like the Les Paul HP)
    - The other typical les paul features like fixed bridge, mahogany body and neck
    - 24.75" scale
    - must be lefty

    I'm essentially looking for American or Japanese guitars, but I'm flexible if there is something high quality from elsewhere.


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    Mar 10, 2014
    Finding the perfect guitar is going to be hard to find within those specs that are left-handed. The only thing that springs to mind to me is the Yamaha SG1000 (the 1500, 2000 and 3000 have neck-thru but it doesnt matter because its a thick body that with great double-cutaway fret access anyway). It has a tummy cut, 24.75" scale, and is of fantastic quality. They do use a pancake body design (think norlin-era les pauls) and the stock pickups are pretty rubbish, in my opinion. AND these things are monsterishly heavy.

    Most high-end Japanese Les Paul manufacturers are true to the traditional design. You might find one with better heel access but it's going to be tough to find a proper Les Paul-like design with a tummy cut.

    I'm sure I've seen guitars with specs like the ones you've listed, but I've never really taken interest in them. Belly cuts and shaved heels / neck-thru are typically associated with shredder guitars. I'd look at offerings from PRS; there might be offerings available from ESP.
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