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    First off I have to apologize. I posted a thread asking same stuff months ago and have forgotten all I was told and can't find the thread with the search for life of me.
    1. With my pots measured where should I put my two highest reading pots? Tone or volume?
    2. I need a lesson on audio vs vintage taper. What's the difference ? I know people usually chose audio for both volume and tone but why would someone want or chose vintage taper.
    3. I know lots of people love the RS Superpots and I'm planning to use them on my volumes. I've read some guys don't like them however and I'm wondering having never used them what to expect and why someone would still prefer regular CTS taper over them.
    4. Currently looking at my stock 08 Standard harness and I'm a little confused what the yellow wire is? I'm sure I'm having a brain fart but I'm drawing a blank. It doesn't run to switch and unless there are separate grounds for bridge and tailpiece I'm stumped. Green wire runs to input Jack and yellow wire meets it at the center ground tap on plate? Right? In my pic you can see the bus wire for tailpiece ground going to neck volume pot. I've not worked on one of these with the pots mounted on the ground plate before so I'm sure I'm missing something obvious. I'm planning to do away with plate and cheap thin wiring and go vintage braided throughout and still undecided if I'm going 50's like my others or keep this one modern wiring while still using the Superpots. Hoping they may improve some of what is unliked in the modern wiring if I go that route. Open to suggestions. Burstbucker pups. Thanks.
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    I've read that higher resistance pots should go to volume, and the highest of those should be used for the neck volume.

    30% taper versus 20% for ordinary audio taper?

    Does it ground your bridge or tailpiece bushing?
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