Hagstrom Trio Viking Deluxe Tremar, Swede Tremar, HJ 800 Jazz

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    If you like a thinner fast neck as was Hagstroms claim to fame "fastest neck in the world" check these out they are a bargain on the used market. If you have the skill to mod a bit they can be an exceptional guitar.
    I have owned a bunch of Japan Gretsch, USA Gibson and USA Guild guitars over the last 50 years. For me these have become my go to for playing. Superb guitars after badly needed upgraded modifications. That being said the new Chinese Hagstroms are built very well the finish is excellent on the cosmetic side. I currently own these three modified beauties. Each of these guitars are well under $800.00 new with the modifications even less if you buy the guitar used and buy your quality pickups used.

    Here is the bad
    1. They lack the fine finishing touches in the routing cavities and their quality control has no problem if one of four screws for your pickup surrounds is in a hole to large for the screw, that is acceptable for them I guess. :( Very poor quality control on minor little easily corrected problem, probably would cost them pennies to remedy this.

    2. The wiring components pots, wire, switches, are just about as cheap as you can get.

    3. The pickups are lower end like Epiphone or GFS or most other cheaply made pickups. Passable but sorely lacking the quality and tone of higher end pickups.

    4. The Swede Tremar wiring circuit is awful for tone control they use a sucks it is a three way pickup switch with some tone caps, trying to emulate a Gretsch mudswitch it is really baaaaaaad! Chinese engineering at its finest. Coupled with the other cheap components bad design.

    Here is the good

    1. Fastest neck in the world just like the old Hags advertised.

    2. Cosmetic finish is excellent

    3. Fake Ebony like Gibson Richlite on fretboard feels as good or better than real ebony.

    4. Polished frets have been great with the exception of the Viking Deluxe which had a few sharp ends that needed filed the HJ800 and Swede perfect.

    5. Well balanced especially all are very comfortable weight wise no diving necks. Heaviest is the Swede at 8.4 lbs.

    Here is what I have done to them 500k CTS Pots, 22 caps used for both pickups, CTS Switch, new wiring harnesses, USA made pickups, Gibson Classic 57's, Gibson P94's, Budah hand wound custom P94's. Master volume added wired like either Gretsch or Guild. I like guitars with master volume.

    1.Viking Deluxe Tremar semi hollow Gibson P94's Gretsch Master Volume Wiring. This guitar is very much like my ES335 semi hollow in tone.

    2.Hagstrom Swede Tremar Gibson Classic 57's Gretsch with Master Volume wiring. This guitar is more comfortable than any Les Paul I have ever owned with the belly cut and a little smaller body the 57 Classics are wonderful in that Les Paul way. :)

    3. Hagstrom HJ800 Hollow Body Solid One Piece Solid Spruce Arch Top, Buddah Custom hand wound P90's, Guild X500T wiring master volume and Bigsby added. Tone after mods much like the ES175 and ES295 with the P90's.

    Modified correctly they hold their own with any pro line instrument made by Gretsch, Gibson USA, and USA Guild guitars that I ever owned or currently own. I know this because I have at one time or another owned some of the best of Gretsch, Gibson and Guild. I have done my share of modding, building, customizing and restoring. These Hagstroms are the pinnacle for me they are amazing guitars with the right mods. If you have the skill and like to mod they are a wonderful platform.


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    You're making me miss my Swede. I never disliked it, on the contrary, I very much liked it, but I needed a trade-in victim for one of my present ones'. (maybe it was toward my Vox amp).
    I figure I'll replace it one day.

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