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    Apr 20, 2011
    We've had this baby for sale over at Westwood Music in Westwood, Ca.

    Custom S style, very light, large frets, custom D Allen Fury pickups, swamp ash, frets leveled and polished. Ready to play. Action medium to low. Plays like buttah. For sale direct as well as in store. Neck is medium C, fret board edges rolled for a comfortable feel. Under 7 lbs.

    Here are some pics. Send a message if interested and want to buy direct (or if you have questions), or head over to the store. Price is 2k shipped conus.

    20150103_120632.jpg 20150103_120732.jpg 20150103_122758.jpg 20150103_122816.jpg 20150103_122809.jpg 20150103_120825.jpg 20150103_120722.jpg

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