Got rid of another set of robot tuners.

Discussion in 'Other Gibsons' started by yellowv, Oct 28, 2017.

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    Aug 14, 2017
    LOL, yeah. I got some flack here in the summer because I mentioned that my 2015 L.P. Double Cut with the robo tuners turned on by itself during an outdoor 95 degree gig and then detuned and had 1/2" of slack on the 1st string when I started the slide part to The Wilbury's "Handle With Care". It was weird. I started playing and then all of a sudden it's totally wacked-out. LOL I've been in electronics since '78 and things tend to happen but some on MLP thought I was full of crap and just didn't know how to use the tuner. LOL

    Thanks for sharing the story phodg!

    Standing up I like how the SG Tribute feels/hangs better than the L.P. D.C. so I'm going to do some upgrades to the SG.

    The SG needs some minor work. Plays well but the Fret Ends are sharp as are the Frets themselves. I should have them crowned. The Neck finish also feels like it's NOT totally dry even though it's a 2013 model. The back of the neck has a rubbery feel. Anyone else have this issue? Did you sand it with 1500 or finer sandpaper?

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