Gas & How the internet fuels it...

Discussion in 'Gibson Les Pauls' started by IndyLP, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. IndyLP

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    Aug 16, 2010
    It's kinda funny how the internet has changed the whole buying/selling/GAS thing.
    When I first started playing, I was about 12 or 13...this is like around 2000/2001 maybe. Yes there was internet, but there weren't these huge online communities for buying and selling or even just showing off your gear. I was never tempted to trade for something better because I was never browsing through pictures of other people's awesome gear and getting "GAS." I had the same bone-stock MIM HSS Strat for over 10 years. Then I finally got into the forum communities and started trading gear like crazy!
    I finally got burnt bad in a trade. Like bent over and F'd really hard because I just HAD TO HAVE this other guitar. I traded a very nice guitar, that didn't have the look I liked, for a guitar that was a P.O.S., but had the look I wanted. Now I didn't realize it was a POS right away, that came when I got home and tried to give it a good setup. I know gear...I was just blinded because it was what I wanted.
    After getting really screwed on that trade deal, and basically having an unplayable guitar, my wife gave me the ok to just order myself a new guitar. (I think she could feel the utter defeat that I was feeling by finally getting burned in a trade.)
    1 Guitar that I won't want to trade off, and won't decide I don't like in a month. I spent quite a bit of time testing different guitars in local shops, then after realizing what I wanted, I made the purchase online. Brand new, from a big retailer that had a great price. I know it's a crap-shoot ordering online, even if it is brand new, because no two gits are the same...but I was lucky and got a great one. I can honestly say that it's not one that I want to trade off. There are nicer guitars out there, but I've learned to just admire them and not get so caught up in owning everything I THINK I want.
    I try hard to remember that I was perfectly happy with my stock MIM and a crap Squier 10watt practice amp for so long...and realize that my current rig is far superior to what I've had in the past, and that there will always be something better out there...but that doesn't mean I HAVE to have it.

    Sorry for the long post, hopefully some of you can's just been a topic on my mind lately.

    All threads are useless without pics, so I'll include a shot of the awesome guitar I'm playing right now....and really playing, as I'm not spending so much time trying to trade my gear off ;)

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  2. Christosterone

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    Jul 12, 2016
    That is an awesome guitar....

    Glad you found the right one...
    It’s simply gorgeous...

  3. azzapeel

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    Sep 15, 2010
    Cool colour bro. I have never been into trading guitars.... sold a few.... but they were the ones I no longer wanted. So I was happy to let them go. Im Happy with the guitars I have now. Enjoy. As Chris said.... "thats an awesome guitar ."
  4. jc2000

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    Jul 16, 2013
    The internet does open up a world opportunities to the buyer. I remember back in the day just looking through our local trading times.
  5. Jymbopalyse

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    Oct 3, 2016
    For starters - - - awesome looking guitar.

    I first picked up and played the guitar in the late 70's and early 80's.

    GAS back then was inspired from Rig Rundowns and Guitar Player mag.

    There were no internet forums to educate yourself by.
    You could pickup a newspaper called the Buy & Sell. That was the closest thing to Craigs List back then. Pawn shops in those days were also great to go to. The "communities" were closer together. Not like today where we can see exactly what buddy in Talahasie is selling and have him send more pic's.

    Not as many things to GAS for back then. But the GAS did exist and was real.
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  6. cherrysunburst00

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    Mar 15, 2015
    BEE-YUU-TEE-FUL guitar.

    Your words are so very true. Sheesh, i would have never known about Carr, Friedman, Dr Z, Reeves, etc without internet.

    And amazon & ebay too.
  7. Donal

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    Aug 25, 2009
    Blue is soooooooo sexy, just sayin :D

    Congrats and HNGD :applause:
  8. AKL

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    Dec 28, 2017
    Back when I started playing it was the "music store". Some mail order catalogs, but the true place of worship was the local music store. There was a place in St. Paul called Torp's I believe. Truly incredible....not like Guitar was different. The atmosphere, the smell....a world of it's own.
  9. rjwilson37

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    Dec 31, 2010
    You are so spot on! I see some guitars and think.... I could get that one, and if ends up being better, sell what I have and just have that one! lol

    But... My Studio HP Black Cherry Burst is probably one of the best guitars I have ever played and the tone that comes from it is very versatile and sounds amazing. As long as I just keep it forever, I will be a very happy man. I totally love my Standard T Blueberry Burst as well, definitely a great player and sounds great as well, with just a slightly different feel and tone to it than the Studio HP. Both guitars are amazing and definitely the best guitars I have played in a long time.

    But.... I have always wanted a Les Paul Custom with the double binding and see some of the tops on new LP Custom guitars for sale. I get the gas so bad and sometimes think just like what I said in the first sentence. I have spent quite a bit on guitars over the years, buying new stuff and getting something a little bit better and then selling the old stuff, just wasting quite a few hundred here and there. When does this ever stop, and just like the OP said, we keep looking at all this great stuff and get GAS so bad.
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  10. redcoats1976

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    Feb 2, 2009
    truer words were never spoken...thanks to GAS i have traded or sold close to 35-40 guitars by my estimate.have 10 or 11 that are keepers now,and im thinking im done...but what about amps?
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  11. Duane_the_tub

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    May 31, 2015
    Amps are the worst for me, with pedals a distant second. The problem for me is YouTube - I become interested in an amp or pedal, start watching videos, and it just feeds my obsessive GAS until I just have to have it. But yes, between all the gear outlets the Internet provides - forums, social media groups, etc. - it is a dangerous time to be prone to GAS.
  12. grumphh

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    Oct 10, 2015
    The biggest trick online marketing (very much including forums like this one) has ever pulled on the consumers is that it disguises itself as "education" or "knowledge".

    But all we have online (with very few exceptions) is a bunch of "educated consumers"* doing more or less nothing but regurgitating marketing blurb** whilst believing themselves to be knowledgeable.

    * The term is an oxymoron, marketing is intentionally obfuscating more than it is educational.
    ** Also, the anonymity of the internet makes shilling a viable marketing strategy.
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  13. Hope

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    Oct 29, 2009
    GAS + internet is a real danger. There was "Gold Rush" lately and everyone was eyeballing Goldtops. :acoustic:
  14. lovekeiiy

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    Dec 29, 2014
    One name, Joe Bonamassa.
    You could have it worse. And besides, it doesn't count as a collection till you have remortgaged the house, spend all the college funds and your retirement money, LOL
  15. 1all's Pub

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    May 26, 2015
    HA! This is sooooo true. To be honest, I’ve never been a huge Gold Top guy for whatever reason... I mean, they look great and all, and I completely understand the appeal they have to folks, but I just personally never really had a great desire to acquire one for myself (@Christosterone will no doubt be putting me officially on his “Ignore List” from now on :laugh2:)... but during the Great MLP Gold Rush even I was sucked in and dang near bought one off my local CL (and would have had it not been a near 10lbs boat anchor :D). Heck, I may still end up with one eventually as a result of the Gold Rush’s after effects. ;)

    Regarding just general Internet inspired GAS though... yeah, it has totally affected me. In fact, I may soon have another LP because of GAS driven by a thread here on MLP... stay tuned. ;)
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  16. Martins LP

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    Dec 13, 2017
    I think you're right, the development of the internet has certainly fuelled GAS especially since forums / youtube reviews etc have become so popular. I don't think this is unique to playing guitar though or any instrument for that matter. I'm also a keen photographer and those forums are just as buzzing with discussions of the latest gear and the constant lust over new stuff! I'm sure golf, fishing, car forums etc are all the same!

    I try to stay grounded and although my means to acquire gear has increased over the years I try to understand the laws of diminishing returns and purchase based on feel and sound.

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