FS; Vintage Westinghouse Tubes for 5E3 Tweed Deluxe

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    I'm selling some extra tubes that I had purchased for my Clark 5E3 Beaufort. They're a set of Westinghouse 6V6G's and a Westinghouse 12AY7. The 12AY7 tested 101% on an Aplitrex AT1000. The 6V6G's are a matched pair and tested Tube 1: Ia = 43.5mA and Gm = 4,2mA/V
    Tube 2: Ia = 43.7mA and Gm = 4.2mA/V. These tubes were only installed for a day before I sold the amp. The were nice and fat, rich and smooth. I'm looking for SOLD shipped and PP'd for all of them.
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