FS: Bogner Metropolis Head - 30W, EL84, Class A

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    Selling my beloved BOGNER METROPOLIS 30W EL84 HEAD from my Bogner Collection


    Bogner Metropolis Details:
    • Single channel all tube design
    • No Reverb model
    • 30 Watt (4) EL84 Class A cathode biased power amp
    • 5AR4 Tube rectifier
    • Gain, Bass, Treble, Middle, Volume & Presence control
    • Schizo 6 Position Tone and Gain structure switch
    • Single 16 and dual 8 ohm speaker outs
    • Discontinued as of 2014, and getting VERY hard to find. Rare as hens teeth.

    The Sound: Take the best qualities of the the classic Vox, Matchless, and Dr Z tones, and blend them with the signature fat Bogner voice. This amp is LOUD…. one of the loudest 30 Watt amps that I’ve ever heard. While the master volume does work well, don’t expect bedroom volumes out of this thing. This is mean for the stage. Cuts above a loud drummer without breaking a sweat.

    Modifications: One *minor*, non-invasive, and highly useful modification were made to this amp. BRIGHT CAP ON/OFF TOGGLE: The bright cap for the Gain knob has been made switchable on/off. This gives some versatility for fatter/brighter tones depending on where you have the gain knob set. Located on the back of the chassis, where the reverb knob would have been.

    Bonus: I’ve got a killerNOS 5AR4 Rectifier that I’ll include, as well as as vintage NOS Matsushita Mullard Preamp tube.

    Shipping / Local: Would LOVE to do a local NJ NYC PA CT Philly deal, and I’m willing to drive to meet up.

    Why the heck am I selling this? New house. New Job. New baby on the way. And barely enough time to play. This amp needs to go to someone who will play it, and gig with it.

    Head: $1500 Shipped ConUs

    ******ALSO AVAILABLE (preferably for a local deal): Matching Speaker Cab!!!!!
    Matching Speaker Cabinet: Bogner Open Back Shiva-Size 212 Cabinet, loaded with (2) 16-ohm Celestion Alnico Golds. (8-ohm Total). Unbelievable sounding cabinet, that mates perfectly with the Metropolis.

    This one is going to cost some cash to ship, but just ask. Let’s try to work something out if you’re interested. Message me for details.






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