FS: 2016 Fender Deluxe Lonestar Stratocaster 3TSB

Discussion in 'eBay Deals' started by DADF#AD, Apr 21, 2017.

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    Dec 21, 2015
    Talk about bang for the buck! I have an almost brand new Fender Deluxe Lonestar strat up for sale on Reverb.com. I don't like to call anything in "mint" condition but it's as close as one can get without the protective plastics on it. I can't do lower than $600. (buyer pays shipping) but it looks, plays and sounds simply awesome! I won't be too upset if it doesn't sell... I REALLY like these guitars a lot and now Fender discontinued them, prolly because they're cutting into the new Fender American Professional Strat sales. Guitars both felt the same but I liked the Texas Specials & Modern Twin Head humbucker better than the Shaws, so I bought it. Comes w/brand new Fender hard case.


    Thanks for looking!

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