FS* 2 Pedals Shipped and PP'd $80

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    Jul 23, 2014
    Selling these two pedals together. The first one is a custom by BuGG. It has 8 effects in it. The casing is plain black, and I have included a diagram for the controls. This is a great pedal, BuGG builds wonderful stuff. No issues whatsoever. Features CHORUS / VIBE / PHASER / CHORUS PHASER COMBO / DAYDREAM / DOTS / PULSAR / REVERB.
    The second pedal is a high quality line buffer. LS Effects Tone Messiah. This pedal made a huge difference on my board. I am selling everything, so I am down to the details here. For more information on this true bypass line buffer, I have included a link. http://www.lseffects.com/--tone-messiah.html
    Both pedals together, shipped and PP'd in lower 48 USA $80



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