Exotic Woods' 3rd Annual Guitar Day

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    Hello everyone,

    I want to invite anyone and everyone to our 3rd Annual Guitar Day coming up on September 27, 2014. We are located in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. About 1 hour from Buffalo and 30-40 minutes from the border in Niagara Falls.

    Last year we had over 300 people come by and attend seminars from some top notch Canadian builders including Sergei DeJonge, Tony Karol, Marc Beneteau, and Bill Scheltema of Canadian Breed Guitars.

    We have 40 - 3'x 8' tables available to builders and a couple sponsors to show off their creations this year.

    We always have great deals on lumber and guitar building supplies up to 20% off. We DO NOT have a swap meet. This is strictly a show and networking day.

    If you are interested in a table or would like to attend or sponsor, please get in touch with me here and I will send my email.

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