ESP Edwards 355 type E-SA-138LTC

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    No more room in my small Tokyo apartment so moving a few things! Thought I'd put this here as these are very rare and sought after and as it has no rosewood perfect for international shipping.

    OK, 2014 E-SA-138 LTC. So basically a 355. Lacquer Taste series. They have solid, hand-carved maple tops, not plywood which really make them rings out. It is in great condition, the odd ultra fine scratch here and there, a tiny ding on the neck and back of headstock, (see pics). Not mint but certainly nothing to worry about. These have real ebony fretboards and this one is jet black and super smooth. Hardly any visible fretwear. 8 pounds 3 oz, so a good weight for one of these (they can be heavy!) All Gotoh hardware, Duncan SH2 in neck and SH14 (Duncan Custom) in bridge. Nice chunky neck (thicker than their Les Pauls which are one '60s slim side)

    Sounds great, bit more of a bite to it due to the ebony and really wants to make you dig out the BB King. Huge sustain, no kidding. I am used to customs shop Gibsons and Suhrs and these guitars blow my mind. Also have a Killer All Lacquer LP but it is rosewood so... (but if you are looking for one and don't mind the risk the let me know!)

    Comes with a superb ESP hard case that puts Gibson's ones to shame.

    These are now very expensive as the model number is now up to 180 for this (that means 180,000yen).

    I will sell for $1000 straight including PayPal and shipping. (PP takes 3.9% and Shipping will be at least $175 so its a good deal!)


    Full pics here.

    PM me or mail at
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