Epiphone SG Korea 1995 - anyone?

Discussion in 'Other Epiphones' started by Kenni, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. Kenni

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    Jul 5, 2016
    Hi there!

    I saw an Epiphone SG made in Korea from 1995 up for sale, and I was wondering if anyone knew a little more about those?? Are they any good?

    The guy asks 220$ for it - but I might be able to get him down a little, how does that sound? :)
    Included is also a hardcase.

    Thanks & Cheers!
  2. DaveSG

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    Nov 20, 2009

    I have some experience with the MIK G400s.

    Of course, each guitar of course has to be judged on its own merit. However, the reputation of these guitars usually precedes them. I have a '98 Limited Edition Epiphone G400 Korina (with custom PAF replicas), and it is in the top 3 guitars I have every played. Just incredible.

    Usually, the MIK G400s will not have the veneers on the front/back that more or all of their Chinese brethren do.

    My bandmate also has a MIK Epiphone G400 and it is also an incredible guitar.

    Recently, I saw a MIK Epiphone G400 in the local Music Go Round. I picked it up and played it for a bit (I'm left-handed, so my 'playing' of guitars in the stores is always iffy haha), but it felt just like the other MIK G400s I've held - they just have this nice, solid feel to them. Its hard to describe. But you know how some guitars feel light/cheap, like you are holding something made of balsa wood that will crumble in your hands? No MIK SG I've ever held has felt like that.

    You can verify the origin by the serial number.

    $220 is an awesome price for the guitar. If you play it and like it, go for it! Just post pictures so we can all see your sweet score!
  3. BadPenguin

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    Jun 13, 2015
    Most likely made by Samick, so it's got great bones to start with! My 95 Sheriton II was made there, and I love the beast to death!

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