Epiphone ES335 pro and comparison to Gibson 335 review

Discussion in 'Other Epiphones' started by Ginger Beer, Nov 28, 2016.

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    Hi guys bit of a zombie thread but I was GASsing hard for a 335 Pro and finally managed to get hold of a Cherry one here in the UK a couple of weeks ago. It was the only one they got in and from a couple of emails to Epiphone and a few retailers a few weeks before I don't think they're in production any more so couldn't miss out on this! Apart from a 'loose wire' that meant the bridge pickup was stuck in single-coil mode (which got fixed and back to me within a week) I knew this guitar was great. I have a '97 Riviera which I upgraded with SD Seth Lovers a couple of years ago and A/Bing on some Vox AC30 Amphones and then on my VHT special 6 amp I could not tell a difference between the two! I haven't yet done this on my AC15 but will do soon. These new Alnico Classic Pro pups are seriously good! I couldn't really fault the setup and finish out the box either, just a minor tweak of intonation and action but there's no fret buzz anywhere! There's a video on youtube of someone playing Jazz on a 335 Pro and Gibson 335 and you've got better ears than me if you can hear a difference when the two switch! It looks and sounds beautiful so no need to pay through the nose for what's written on the headstock for me...

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