Did you see the Beatles Tribute show ...the two guitar players

Discussion in 'The Backstage' started by meatball, Feb 11, 2014.

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    That were in the stage band on Sunday night for the Beatles Tribute ? None other than Peter Frampton and Steve Lukather !!! Great set of players to have in any band . There was some great playing from John Mayer and Keith Urban also but as far as guitar players ,they were the only stand outs . Joe Walsh did a respectable cover of the "Something" solo , but could have torn up "While My Guitar Gently Weeps " , but seemed to hold back from really tipping a new one into it . I guess after Prince ripped it a new one a few years back at the RRHOF , it was probably best to stay close to the vest on that one for Joe . Lukather and Frampton really didn't get to showcase what they could have done on "Gently Weeps" . They both proved in the past that they can own that song !! One more thing .... What's with that stupid Arby's hat That the Williams dude was wearing ?? He didn't even belong on stage with real musicians , he should been passing out curly fries instead of singing with Brad Paisley .
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    Was very underwhelmed with Brad Paisley that night, his tone was wrong for the song and maybe that was a poor song choice cause he did seen to be engaged in his play. HATED Imagine Peguin. Joe Walsh sucked on his first time up, but did far better job on While My Guitar. John Mayer was good but I freaking loved Keith Urbans playing, his leads were solid and his lead fills behind Mayer were super solid and in many ways IMO better than Mayer's. I heard a LOT of bitching yesterday about Gary Clark Jr but I dug his bit as well. I thought the idea of using Peter Frampton and Steve Lukather for the rhythm guitar section (and a few leads) was great, esp. since they both have played extensively with Ringo Starrs All Star Band. Wasn't too impressed with Moroon 5 either but thats just me, everyone else seems to love 'em.

    Pauls band always kills me, esp. his drummer Abe. If you look at his kit from the night his bass drum was MASSIVE one of the biggest Ive ever seen and his floor tom was reg. kick drum tuned high. That guy is just incredible. Im also a huge fan of Rusty Anderson on Lead Guitar and Brian Ray on Bass and Rhythm Guitar (whom are both super nice guys from what Ive seen). Both those guys use some great amps and vintage guitars and can play their asses off in that band, and solo as well. I forget if Wix on keys and extra percussion was with him Sunday, dont remember seeing him.

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