Dallas Guitar Show 2018

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    Sep 30, 2012
    I just made arrangements to go to Dallas in May to the guitar show out there , I went there 4 years ago and the first thing I see as I walk in to get my entry bracelet, is the MLP booth !!
    I was brand new to the site and shook hands with somebody there and said I had just joined the site and was enjoying it, but little did I know .........
    Anyway , I really enjoyed that weekend then and wanted to relive the experience again . I will be attending with my brother . We havent done anything like that in years .He showed me my first guitar chord back in the 70's, so its real cool to have fun again with him .
    I look forward to when they are going to release the names of the vendors that will have booths set up there ,, usually its the big name companies that are at this show . I want to see the Gibson trailer , the Blackstar Amplification group, TC Electronics , and the Taylor booth . Is it possible that My Les Paul is going to have a booth again ? I am hoping that they have a meet and greet there , but I know that they usually have it in Philly, but I can only hope . There will be a bunch of guitar players there as always giving demos and having concerts outside the venue .
    Any possibility that you will be there ?

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