Converting Combo Amp to Cabinet

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    Hello there peeps!

    I know this topic has been discussed many times before and because I am such a noob at electricals, I need a confirmation from more experienced people to get help me get this right

    I have a Vox 15R Combo Amp with 8" Bulldog speakers which I've recently swapped out for Celestion 12" V30s (8 ohm). It's a great amp, but recently I've been also dabbling in some high gain low wattage heads such as the Orange Dark Micro Terror. Not wanting to buy a cab just for the Orange head, I was thinking whether I could take advantage of the Vox 15R's Celestion as a cab instead. At the same time, I'd love to interchange the Vox 15R's head since I do use it for playing cleaner / bluesy stuff. I think this is possible considering Vox 15R already has a dedicated 8ohm 15W speaker output.

    So this is my action plan:
    1. Disconnect Celestion from 15R amp circuit.
    2. Solder on a speaker female 1/4" jack to the Celestion and attach it using a jack plate to the rear
    3. If I want to use the Orange, just plug it from the head straight to the speaker female jack
    4. If I want to use the Vox amp circuit, I just have to plug from the Vox's dedicated speaker output jack to the speaker female jack

    Is my thinking process on the above correct?

    And one last question, if the setup above is correct, is it possible to run the outputs of each respective head (Orange and Vox) into a selector pedal which then outputs to the Celestion speaker? Both heads are 8ohm each and the speaker is 8ohm as well. Will I run into issues? Can I simply use a ABY pedal to do the above? This way I can just flip between inputs from Orange or my Vox

    ignore the speaker in this picture, it's been replaced with the Celestion since
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    Dec 2, 2014
    You can do the jack part and connect one amp at a time, making sure both are off when you switch the cable. ..but no you cannot switch between them with both amps powered up. Neither output transformer would last long and there would be considerable ear piercing noise to go along for the ride while the switch was applied. The best solution to running both amps is to split the 12's and run one amp to each. Good luck. Be careful with those OT's!
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    Not sure if you can use an AB box for two heads to share one speaker. That is usually done with one guitar into an AB box feeding two complete amp setups.
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    Feb 22, 2009
    Nope, you'd need a power soak for the amp not in use or it would overheat.

    OP, if you're serious about this, it's usually easy enough to find a dead combo somewhere to strip down. I did this with an old Peavey Audition 110. The amp was dying and needed service; it would have cost twice it's value on the used market to fix it. The speaker sucked and had coil rattle. So, I stripped out the amp chassis, swapped the speaker for a Jensen MOD 10-50, added a speaker jack, closed off the gap from the amp and presto! I have a cool practice cab for home playing. Total cost was about US$50, since the amp was rescued from being tossed.
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