Conversion 1960 vs. TH '59

Discussion in 'Historics & Reissues' started by jwehrman, Dec 31, 2017.

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    Oct 22, 2016
    I just posted about my Reeder burst. I also had the chance to try out a '52 conversion to a '60 LP when I picked up the CC last night. I've been hungering for the chance to try out something as close as possible to the real deal. I've heard/read a lot of legends about "the real deal". And I have to say, HOLY FUC** there's not that much of a difference!!!!!!!! I was stunned!!! I compared it to my CC, and there was hardly any difference at all. I wasn't expecting the CC to hold up against a vintage piece, but lordy it sure did to my ears. I understand it's still a conversion, and it's unknown if the pick ups were real PAF's. I understand PAF's are a different beast from the others, but even so, I was blown away how well the CC held up. The Braz board felt marginally smoother, but man the CC sounded and felt just as good. I've also read not every vintage burst is a knockout. But I have to say how happy and lucky I am to have two badass pieces. It put to rest the wonder of how a 60 year old piece of wood sounds. And I won't have to spend a quarter of a mil to get the sound!!!!
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    It's mostly hype.

    And...braggin' rights.
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    You’d change your tune if you owned it.

    Then it would apparent that no new instrument can sound as good as a vintage one.
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    Well, I'd say that it largely depends on concrete examples of each of old/new instruments.
    For example I parted quite easily with real 1959 Gibson LP Junior, but I wouldn't even think of selling my humble 2005 R8 (and also 4 other LPs I own). I mean sound wise and play-wise. However I admit that I could have not the best Junior as there are very few in Russia.
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