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Discussion in 'Pickups' started by Big John, Oct 18, 2017.

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    These guys are based out of Vancouver, WA. I just met them at the Portland Guitar Expo yesterday. Seem like cool guys. They use a 3D printer to make their bobbins, and those damn bobbins are super light and very strong. They use a cool hand-crank winder with enough gears to make a watch repairman nervous. As we were chatting, I asked them about coil potting. They don't pot their coils, saying that their pickups don't need it. Really. They had a SG demo guitar there, so I asked them if I could borrow it and see what it does thru a Soldano SLO. "Go for it." I sat 4 feet away from my SLO and ran it at all gain levels; no squeal. The only thing that was picked up was transformer noise when I held the guitar within a foot of the amp, but every guitar made does that. I brought back the guitar back to their booth and said they were right. One of the guys said, "We were watching you and listening, and were honestly a little nervous to see what would happen." I told them that if their pickups could handle the SLO that close without squealing like a stuck pig, then the pups were good to go without potting. The pickups sounded good, although it was tough to get a good idea of tone in that venue/setting. I might be calling them in the future. They can do all kinds of off-the-wall cosmetics, too.
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    Hey, John. Thanks for the super kind words! Give me a call, we'll get you a listen in a controlled environment.

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