Celestion Gold G10 & Hudson Broadcast

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    Installed this speaker in a Tone King Falcon replacing the stock Eminence Ragin Cajun and I've put about 4 hours on it now. Have to say I'm hugely impressed. The Eminence was nice but a bit flat and one dimensional sounding... It didn't compress much and felt and sounded quite hard, especially in the treble. In my experience ceramic speakers work better in valve rectified amps with a lot of natural sag (like in a 5e3) and alnicos much better in naturally less compressed solid state rectified amps. This case was no different. The gold sounded good out the box although has noticeably improved over the first few hours. Its MUCH richer and more complex than the Eminence and feels a lot better under the fingers with its natural compression... It sort of grabs a hold of the note you are playing. I played alnico blues for years and have to say the G10 Gold really captures that character, much closer than the 12 IMO. recommended.

    Heres a little clip for ya. Well not that little actually... Speaker being pushed hardest from about 7mins 20s where you can really hear that sweet compression on the single note runs. However if you are interested in the Hudson Broadcast pedal could be worth watching the whole thing ;)

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