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Discussion in 'Recording Studio' started by skysc, Mar 31, 2017.

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    I want to set up an usb interface ( presonus 2x2 ) to use software ( amplitube etc.l ) im buying next month but i dont know if its possible with my current computer setup . i have 2 krk studio monitor , a mixer .

    i uploaded an image of my setup .

    Basically LApTOP+playstation + tv Receiver are connected in the HDMI IN of the TV . And the Samsung audio out of the tv goes into a mixer and i have my active studio monitors connected in the mixer . that way . laptop + playstation + tv console all get out in through my studio monitor .

    So the sound device use on my laptop is "Samsung tv" since its plugged hdmi in to the Samsung .

    now if i use an interface... i have a loud noise and i cant run any ASIO on amplitube and i have crazy latency .

    is there a way to use the usb interface correctly so i dont have latency issued .

    Thank you.

    edit :

    After a few search .. i think my best option would be to plug the studio monitors in the usb interface so that the laptop sound would come from studio monitor . for the tv / playstation .. i can use the tv volume for that .. wouldnt be a big compromise.

    now is there way to send the laptop screen to a larger screen via HDMI without sending the audio . when i plug a hdmi ... the audio is set by default to SAMSUNG HDMI OUT ... i would just have to disable that and use the interface as a sound card ?
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    I'd have the audio interface output go to the mixer. Use the mixer to select between the audio interface and your tv output.

    You should be able to route your DAW, Amplitube etc., to the audio interface for output, independent of your laptop's default system output. Setup for ASIO of course. I.E., still have laptop stuff go out hdmi if you want while other things go out the audio interface.

    In fact, there probably is no reason at all to have any laptop audio go through the hdmi via the tv. Though perhaps there is some video and audio sync issue.

    In any case, by running your audio interface to the mixer, you should be able to set that up with ASIO for use with your music apps.

    Unfortunately, the devil is in the details of the audio interface driver. I specifically chose a Focusrite Scarlett interface because it's driver software appeared to be the most flexible.

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