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    May 23, 2016
    Hey guys, same as a lot of people on here, i want to do a les paul build, BUT it has to be the right build. So, I'm pretty handy, but doing a scratch build is out of my league. I'm looking to get a pretty specific guitar out of my efforts, and the big thing for me is I want to be able to have a factory correct gibson open book head stock (for obvious reasons). Next is neck width. I'm a beefy baseball bat kinda guy, and have to credit warmoth's fatback as being my favorite neck contour. Lastly is finish. I'm looking to do the finish myself and I want to get a pretty accurate pearly gates finish. I play my stuff hard, and I want something that'll wear away fairly quickly through abuse, but also want to fade it naturally over time with standard everyday sun light. I'm thinking like in a year or two i'd like it to look very different form natural wear.

    What i'm hoping to get and work on is a precut, carved, routed body, and a neck that has fret slots on a pre-binded fret board. The rest I feel confident i can do myself, such as carving of the neck shape, head stock, inlay, wiring, finishing, and hardware installation, gluing of the neck to the body, etc. There is a 59 BYO kit that caught my eye that has a close enough neck shape for what i'm looking for, but i'm afraid info on weight of the wood, fitment, quality, and headstock shape is a little all over the place. If anyone is reading this and wondering what specifically I'm hoping to build for myself, just think if you could get a true nitro finish figured top R8 with a pearly gates finish. If someone here sees this and is willing to help me out with a body and neck, I AM WILLING TO PAY, if the price is right of course. PLEASE HELP!
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    You have a problem here - you are wanting the features of a custom guitar in a kit.

    There are several advantages and disadvantages between kits and custom guitars:

    Cheaper as they are mass production. but you are stuck with whatever options they come with including wood weight and maple top choice. Precision has a 59 semi-custom option - but even a basic flame top guitar is $1k before you add any hardware and cost of finish materials. And you would still have to re-shape the headstock as no kit will come with the open book. That puts it almost in the range of buying a LP trad or standard in the right colour already.

    Luthier guitar:
    WAY more costly, and it might be doubtful that you'd get any luthier wanting to do only half a job on the construction side of things. I'm sure they'd be happy for you to finish it though.
    Probably the same in terms of the open book.....certainly that part for luthiers posting their wares here has been shut down. Of course private people don't have that restriction.
    And you can choose your woods. The finished product here is like a burst like the True Historic in the Gibson line.

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