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    Run a small business and want to sell gear? By becoming a MLP Vendor, you get:

      • the ability to start unlimited threads in the Vendor Classifieds area
      • the ability to put a text ad in your Signature
      • a Vendor rank to let others know you support MLP
      • a Private Message capacity of 1,500 messages
      • a Personal Album capacity of 1,500 pictures
      • the ability to have a Profile Picture of 500x500 pixels
      • the ability to have an Avatar of 135x135 pixels
      • the ability to have an animated Signature
      • the ability to customize their title from "MLP Vendor"
    Visit the Paid Subscriptions page for more information on how to become a Vendor.

    If you have any questions before you will consider becoming a MLP Vendor, email to
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