Bassbreaker 007

Discussion in 'The Squawk Box' started by markuskw, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. markuskw

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    Jun 13, 2010
    New purchase and happy. Still looking for the right sound when I use the 57 classics, but when I plug in the SG that has the 490R,498T, I am very happy.

    One question. Anyone use any pedals with this amp with luck. Again plugged in the OCD and Timmy pedal and different times, and the sounds are either hit or miss.
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  2. syrinx

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    Nov 26, 2015
    Congrats! I use one as a couch amp- and its pretty good. I use a badcat siamese drive or a boss distortion of whatever I grab at the moment. Generally I set up a good clean tone, then use the top boost pedal for a bit more crunch and then a outboard pedal if i need to gain it up. I like MV up and then use the gain for volume control, rather than trying to get gain from amp. This ampp will also sound way better when the speaker breaks in, so give it some time! Have fun!

  3. StormJH1

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    Aug 20, 2012

    The Bassbreaker 007 came out shortly after the Vox AC10C1 a couple years back. I opted for the former (like it, but since moved on to Katana), and ended up really wanting to own both, but they were too similar, in my opinion. I might have ended up with one anyway, except the decision to leave out reverb AND not include a loop was maddening to me in a $450 amp. Especially because it was an amp that was kind of meant to give a cranked/driven sound at close to bedroom levels, and you can't throw a reverb (effectively) in front of a dirty preamp.

    BUT, all that being said, I thought it sounded amazing at low volumes, and if you didn't care about reverb or sparkly clean tones, it's one of the better affordable options out there. It was kind of a surprising release, but I think I'd rather own that versus something like the Pro Junior. Enjoy!

  4. marsten

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    Sep 22, 2009
    I use a 007 head at home with an old Marshall 1965b cabinet and it sounds awesome with an OCD pedal. If you ever get a chance to snag one of those cabinets for a good price do not hesitate. They are one of the best deals in a compact 4x10 that I know of. :)

    Many thanks to forum brother AlvisX for the heads up many years ago:thumb:

  5. tolm

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    Jul 20, 2008
    I bought a Bassbreaker 007 combo a couple of months ago. I’ve used it at home and round a mates house for jamming: pretty pleased with it overall.

    When I first got it I used the built in Treble Boost but I’m now finding I prefer the amp without the boost - on about 3/4 gain - for clean-ish and then I’m kicking in a 90s DOD 250 Overdrive for classic rock type levels of gain. The DOD can be very bright - especially when dimed - but into an slightly overdriven amp it works gloriously.

    Still have a slight reservation about the 1x10 speaker - maybe my brain is just locked into the ‘Guitar speakers should be 12” in size’ mentality? Mind you, given my main gigging amp is now a 1x15” Supro, I’m a bit out of my comfort zone all round!! At least the 007 has a reasonably decent size cab for the 10” to ‘breathe’ in so it doesn’t sound too boxy as long as the volume is up a little way. Would like to try a 10” Greenback at some point, though.

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