Another PCB thread, sorry. Neuters my guitar?

Discussion in 'Tonefreaks' started by Diocletian, Jul 27, 2017.

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    Dec 28, 2015
    Interesting! No doubt you are right about local woods being used in China. However the people they buy their 'local' wood from probably got it illegally from elsewhere. Illegal logging in China is a huge problem there too. Either way China is the world's biggest consumer/importer of illegal timber. Google thinks 15% of imports are illegal but that is only an estimate.
    So whether it ends up in guitars or not, its ending up in something and demand is rising exponentially year on year for exotic and tropical woods all illegally logged. Veneers are often used yes: However just because its a slice of something doesn't mitigate the damage and the environmental impact. Those slices come off bigger pieces etc. They just go further.

    It is my understanding that Gibson was using rain forest wood and had knowingly continued to illegally source it even after other companies had pulled out. They were caught red-handed in 2009 with Madagascan ebony they shouldn't have had. It's a serious business: rosewood can sell for U.S. $5000 per cubic meter, more than double the price of mahogany. Several hundred million dollars of these precious hardwoods were cut in 2009 within protected areas on Madagascar alone and guess where most of it went? Not Nashville.
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    You are right in that more has to be done to protect rainforests.....but the only cure is really to cut back on population. The starving individual who can only find work in an illegal or immoral felling company is not going to be worried about deforestation or habitat destruction.
    Nor are previously 'peasant class' masses buying the end product going to worry either. The only way our world can work even with its current population is by 75% of it living and consuming almost nothing.

    The more recent 2011/12 raid uncovered only wood that was labelled differently in terms of finished product. All of that wood was returned once the fines for the paperwork were paid. So recent or current usage for wood is all 'legal'.

    But guitar makers are barely a drop in the ocean. At some point a lot of furniture woods will become restricted. And about time. There are so many great alternatives which the guitar industry is becoming aware of. MIM fenders already have switched to Pau Ferro, Gibson did a great thing with baked maple and Granadillo. Both great woods in their own right.

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