Advice needed on a John Birch Customised 1961 SG Les Paul Custom

Discussion in 'Vintage SG' started by gr4ntc, Dec 20, 2009.

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    Well, Just go and do the fill job you wanted.

    Its not an authentic John Birsch anymore, now that you swapped the pickups out. So you might as well just continue soldiering on.

    Any value it had collectibly is out the window.
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    May 28, 2008


    Well ... to follow up after some time .

    I still have the guitar and am still enjoying it, I as mentioned returned the guitar to John Diggins who at John Birch did the customisation to look at the board and get things working again ! oh and a refret.

    And I put some vintage pickup covers on to give it that gold vibe.

    I must say that despite its obvious misgivings it has caused quite a stir with a lot of people from all over interested, The update is in response to the photos being posted in the current Horror Stories thred, which I can obviously understand. I really think this is a classic love it or hate it guitar :D
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    I have a guitar that I would consider parallel to this, though not modified by Birch. Mine is a '55 Les Paul modified by a company called Strings and Things in Memphis, TN. They reissued 'Bursts before bursts were reissued by Gibson. They did a lot of mods to '50s Specials and Juniors... mine is the latter.


    1955 Gibson Les Paul "Strings & Things" - Album on Imgur
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