80s hair metal tone! Fixed bridge guitar + JB/ 59 pickups

Discussion in 'Tonefreaks' started by Rodrigo Andrade, Feb 27, 2018.

  1. Rodrigo Andrade

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    Feb 19, 2018
    Hi, guys. How you doing?

    So, i wanna buy a guitar with NO floyd rose that i can reach the 80s hair metal tone. I've been searching and seeing a lot of people talking about the seymour duncan JB (or maybe Suhr Aldrich pickup) pickups for that type of sound. Do you recommend any guitar that already come with these pickups? Or maybe another guitar that doesnt come with it but that would be nice if i put these pickups?

    Any other recommendations to get the 80s hair metal tone will be welcome.

    Thanks in advance for all those who tried to help!
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  2. Lungo

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    Feb 19, 2009
    An 80's inspired guitar with fixed bridge...first thing that comes to mind is Charvel. They're building some really cool fixed bridge guitars and I'm pretty sure they have Seymour Duncan JB and '59 pickups.
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  3. tzd

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    Oct 21, 2011
  4. Ibycan

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    Jan 3, 2017
    the amps and choice of effects will have more of an impact that any guitar you get, really. I mean, no matter what guitar you have, if you playing thru a Mesa triple rectifier, you can't gonna get the 80's hair metal sound...you need a middy amp with EL34 type sound
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  5. mmd

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    Sep 24, 2012
    +1 to the above. Almost any guitar with a bridge HB will do it. An amp that has a good crunchy sound - preferably EL34, though it can be done with a modified Fender circuit ala Boogie MK I-III, and a chorus pedal is pretty essential. A good delay - something BOSS is "best" if you want authenticity, lol - is another essential.

    I did "hair metal" on an Ibanez S or RG through a few different amps - Marshall, Kitty Hawk, Mesa MKIII, Crate (lol). Another "essential" is the G12T-75 speaker. Gotta have the "cut".....

    But, if it's about "inspiration" via the guitar - yeah, Charvel all the way!!
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  6. Les Paulverizer

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    Nov 16, 2007
    As @mmd said above, any guitar with an humbucker at the bridge will do and even though the 80s were the "Floyd Rose years" (people just dived bombed when the ran out of ideas!) there were some notable players who used fixed bridge guitars; Jake E Lee, Carlos Cavazo of Quiet Riot who did very little whammy work and a serious & very underrated player, and also a guy whose name I forgot that played in a band called The Bullet Boys, an all out Van Halen copy band but they could play all right (basically Steel Panther without the "comedy" element) and this guy used a standard Les Paul fitted with a locking nut!
    One thing these guys all had in common was a Seymour Duncan JB at the bridge, maybe the most popular pickup in those years, so that will help someone getting into that ballpark sound. And a ProCo Rat.
    Also, I'd like to point out that the vast majority of Hair Metal players actually had a very thin & fizzy sound, and heavily chorused too, which sounds quite crappy actually, whereas the cats I mentioned above, as well as Warren De Martini, Steve Stevens and first & foremost Eddie Van Halen(!) they all had a strong, muscular, articulate yet singing Tone; and they're the ones left standing once the smoke cleared a little...
    Of course Eddie is Eddie, he runs his own race, and has his own niche & place in history; in all honesty there's him, then the rest. And for a while he also used a JB, I think around the time of their 1984 album which, to me at least, has my favourite Tone of his: cleaner but raunchier and...just the best.
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