2017 Gibson Les Paul 60th Anniversary 1957 Reissue Heavy Aged Goldtop

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    I don't know that there is a cooler guitar in the world than a well played, beat up gold top. This one recreates that perfectly. The gold paint is the right color, with just a hint of bronze-greening in the gold. The aging is some of the most convincing I have seen come from the custom shop. This guitar has the look and feel of a 60 year old guitar. This one is a killer sounding guitar. It is extremely resonant and very clear. The pickups are super dynamic. It is very responsive to pick attack and playing style. It has a nice midrange honk and sweet highs. The neck is a perfect 50s medium C profile and plays beautiful. This one is in as new condition.

    Neck Measurement: .882@1st and 1.001@12th

    Weight: 8lbs 8 ounces

    Comes with Aged OHSC, COA, and Tags

    $5195 Shipped

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