2016 Gibson Les Paul 1959 Reissue Collector's Choice #45 Dangerburst Aged

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    Perfect Vintage Look Feel and Tone! (Stock #1084)

    This is another killer Collector's Choice run. The look and feel of this guitar is perfect. The top on this one is very unique and incredible. There is so much going on in this top you could stare at it for hours. There is incredible flame with lots of 3D movement. The grain pattern is incredible with a lot going on as well. Last there is some nice mineral flecking to really give it a great vintage look. The color on this one is great as well. It is a very dynamic green lemon that really looks like many of the faded out original bursts I've seen. The tone on this one is out of this world. It starts with it being a incredibly resonant guitar. This thing rings like a bell when strummed. The pickups, that are meant to replicate the original Dangerburst, sound incredible. They combine to give it a very rich, full tone with plenty of clarity. It has just the right amount of bite and growl when you dig in. This one has a nice, full medium C neck profile and plays beautifully. This one is in as new condition.

    Neck Measurements: .907@1st and 1.011@12th

    Weight: 8lbs 6 ounces

    Comes with Aged OHSC, Tags, and COA

    $7495 Shipped

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