1987 Alvarez CY116 (Kazuo Yairi)

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    A little acoustic background from me. While in Central America at age 20, I first had the desire to learn an instrument.
    A dear friend at the time, travelled to neighboring towns and found a very inexpensive classical guitar.
    At that point in my life, I was thrilled, not even knowing a chord, let alone a single note.

    A few months later, I travelled back to Utah, and brought my classical guitar home. There I would begin my quest for music, and ultimately a love for the guitar.
    For college, I chose to enroll in beginner guitar for an elective. Luckily, my instructor would have the exact tools for me to learn on my own.
    It taught me, basic theory, chord construction, modes, various patterns (including CAGED), fretboard memorization, chord relationship, resolution, etc.

    At this point, I needed a guitar a little more sturdy for practice sessions, and jetted over to Guitar Center for a Birthday present to myself.
    A Taylor 110E was all I needed to get going, and it was a solid choice for my first, proper acoustic guitar.
    It was stable, the neck shape was favorable, and never got sticky. This would be the instrument that built my foundation for learning music.

    Fast forward many years later, and the Taylor is a distant memory. It was sold many years ago in some sort of G.A.S. phase for something I don't even recall.
    In about 2012, I was lucky enough to find a 1989 Ibanez Performance C40 classical nylon stringed guitar.
    It wasn't very expensive, and certainly wasn't fancy. However, it has been with me for around 5 years, and kept me playing acoustic guitar.

    Recently, a few months back, I regained a love for the nylon stringed guitar, and needed to do something about it.
    I was on the hunt, my eyes were open, and I waited with the most patience any 32 year old man can possess.
    Then, it happened. Locally, popped up a 1987 Alvarez CY116 in player's grade condition. I only had to play a few notes before it was in my car.

    So here is the instrument for the next phase of my adventure. After 10 years of having the guitar in my life, music has continued to push me through.
    As another year passes to mark my birth, I am very grateful to be playing the acoustic guitar once again. Josh

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