Duper Said He Was Duped Himself

A man charged with selling fake guitars to a teenager in Cary says he did nothing intentionally wrong and he wants to make things right with the victim and the Secretary of State’s office, which is investigating the case.

Steven Sexton, 48, of Lillington was charged with selling counterfeit Les Paul guitars to Jonathan Jakubowski, 15, of Cary. The victim called authorities when he went to get his instrument repaired and discovered it was counterfeit… read more

Youth’s Guitar Lesson: If It’s Too Good to Be True

A Cary youth is going into his 17th year waiting to find out if he’ll get $1,000 back for a fake guitar he bought or a life lesson in “buyer beware.”

Jonathan Jakubowski paid $1,000 for what was billed as a Les Paul-model Gibson electric guitar. That was a bargain because they usually sell for three times that much… read more

Guitars for Girls

‘‘I want it!’’ squealed 13-year-old Hiiaka Kaneao, pointing to a sparkly, hot-pink, star-shaped bass guitar hanging inside a pink fur-lined booth.

Her high-pitched voice is music to the ears of the guitar’s maker, Daisy Rock Guitars. The Los Angeles retailer’s colorful and smaller-sized guitars for girls and women have gained worldwide popularity in the last several years and signaled a growing trend within the traditionally male-dominated guitar industry… read more