Youth’s Guitar Lesson: If It’s Too Good to Be True

A Cary youth is going into his 17th year waiting to find out if he’ll get $1,000 back for a fake guitar he bought or a life lesson in “buyer beware.”

Jonathan Jakubowski paid $1,000 for what was billed as a Les Paul-model Gibson electric guitar. That was a bargain because they usually sell for three times that much… read more

Guitars for Girls

‘‘I want it!’’ squealed 13-year-old Hiiaka Kaneao, pointing to a sparkly, hot-pink, star-shaped bass guitar hanging inside a pink fur-lined booth.

Her high-pitched voice is music to the ears of the guitar’s maker, Daisy Rock Guitars. The Los Angeles retailer’s colorful and smaller-sized guitars for girls and women have gained worldwide popularity in the last several years and signaled a growing trend within the traditionally male-dominated guitar industry… read more