Apr 7, 2013
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    "Again, us guitar players have to come to terms with the fact that we are running out of trees, we are running out of wood. And, if we want to keep collecting them, at the rate that we're collecting them, then we're going to have to come up with something new, and something different, that's sustainable, evironmentally conscious, ya'know. Can't have, like, huge parking lots, ya'know, like, where trees used to be." -Joe Bonamassa

    "You might be better suited for the MLP Forum." -CDaughty

    "I’ll admit, I forgot about the test when the CEO stepped into the gigantic conference room, if only because he was even more baffling. It was all I could do to sustain eye contact. The silver-haired, seventy-ish-year-old man looked as though he was having some sort of epileptic fit in front of me as he blathered on and on and on about his history in and before he started with the company. His eyes were rolling around the room, landing everywhere but on me. I wasn’t entirely sure he was sober." -gawker.com

    "BTW… What was so amazing about getting rid of that John Bonham set-up, that I had, is that now the whole world of "What the fnck do I want to play?" has opened up. And, I don't have any drum kit, already, taking up space… that was (you know like) somebody else loved, and like I love them, so now I'm going to step into their shoes, and it never fncking works. That is completely gone, and now I'm just looking at all these different drum set-ups goin': "I'd like a little bit of that, with a little bit of this… Its unreal." -Bill Burr
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