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  1. Freddy G
    Dave is exactly correct. That's why you see cracks all around the mother-of-pearl inlay as well. The wood shrinks and expands, but MOP does not.
  2. LtDave32
    Well, tell you what; what's causing that is plain to see. Your lacquer cracked and air got under it. You can see the crack lines right in the middle of the lifting. This has to to with...
  3. rednefceleb
    I have learned that Mr. Peavey puts out an array of quality level guitars. You can't tell by looking but I am thinking that this chopper is from the high/higher quality shelf. The money that...
  4. SlashDerrig
    This was the only guitar Slash Signed on 9-13-2018 at the Whiskey show. The grapher in the bottom left corner was holding an Epiphone Anaconda Slash Model guitar wanting Slash to sign one more....
  5. Trouble_Walkin
    Looks so awesome, well done

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