My 79 Custom Silverburst - That I sold!

Sold this two years ago.....

My 79 Custom Silverburst - That I sold!
hedzeppelin, Apr 23, 2007
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      It's beautiful color~
    • hedzeppelin
      Thank you! Actually, it was once silver, but the laquer yellowed, and gave it a 'greening' effect, which is typical of that model
    • jpatrickgreen
      How long was that model produced? I thought I saw one in a shop once that was like an '81 or '82. I really can't remember though, it was over ten years ago. In any event, I thought it was kind of cool because of the green effect.
    • hedzeppelin
      I think they were in production from 1978-1982. Maybe only 1979-82, not sure.
      Another thing with that model is that the laquer wears off. I've seen them on ebay where the necks had most of the laquer worn off it.
      Mine was starting to do that just a little bit at the top of the neck, so I thought that before it gets too bad, I'd sell it.

      I think this model goes for about $2,000 on the resale market today.
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      Absolutely gorgeous. The silverburst with the greenish patina is the most beautiful finish ever IMO. Here is my '79 Custom
    • Weaver
      Man, you're making me drool.
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