1983 Paul Rivera-Era Fender Concert Amp

My baby - bought it from the original owner, who replaced the capacitors & the blown-out (from age) speaker with a Hellatone 60 (which is a modified Celestion Vintage 30 done by Avatar). For peace of mind, I recently had it tuned-up & replaced all 9 tubes with a new set of Mesa Boogie tubes - now, this amp is dangerous!. Other than that, everything is original - Tolex, grille cloth, caster, footswitch and cover (even got the original Owner's Manual, too!). The Rivera-designed models from 1982-1987 were the last hand wired point-to-point all tube amps Fender made until the created their Custom Shop. The Clean channel is arguably the BEST reverb tone Fender ever produced, and the Gain channel prvides a multitude of classic rock tones; this channel won't deliver super Hard Rock/Heavy Metal sound with some pedal help, but the amp delivers it's full 60 watts and is loud (I mean LOUD). This amp is getting hard to find as the collector's now have Rivera-designed Fenders (Concert, Twin Reverb, Deluxe Reverb, Stage Lead) on their radar. My 99 LP Standard Honeyburst sounds amazing, as do my 96 American Std. Strat & my other baby, my blonde-on-blonde 68 Tele, which also was overhauled & got new Texas Special pickups, wiring, pots & pickup switch (changed from 3-way to 4-way). They all sound good through this amp, so if you're looking to make that Les Paul of yours sound like your favorite 60s-70s guitar hero, invest in one of these amps. Some things are worth the price, but as Les Paul owners, we already know that!

1983 Paul Rivera-Era Fender Concert Amp
leo8963, Jun 2, 2009
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