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Weber Derek Trucks Speaker Review

Hey guys thought I'd post a quick review on the incredible sounding weber dt-10 speaker that I have installed in my 1968 fender champ.
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Re: Weber Derek Trucks Speaker Review

First, just a comment on the recording. With the mic pointed at you, it sounds like that amp is down a hallway and around the corner. Doesn't clip, which is nice, but if I can hear you pluckin' on the strings... Just doesn't show the amp right. Proverbial wet blanket at all.

More importantly, these are my new favorite speakers. I have a closed back vertical 2x10 with them, and it's like they were tailor made to my taste. Top end is round, and warmer, but still very articulate and clear. They're super punchy, with a great even bottom end. They're dopeless, and they feel like it, which is part of that great articulation. The bit of innefficiency (no idea how they'd be rated, but they really do seem pretty low to me) is just bonus in my book. Awesome speaker for me. Oddly, my punchiest, bassiest cab, and the only 10" cab I use regularly. That top end is a huge part of it. Warmth, and roundness, while still being articulate and clear is a beautiful thing.

I'm also liking them for a fairly wide range of amps. I set it up for a lead channel of the SLO type amp, and it does indeed work great. I am extremely surprised how much I like it w/ a Lightning/AC15/whateverVoxy style amp. This one normally gets a Silver/Blue combo, which is almost the antithesis of these DTs, and I love that bright chimey AlNiCo squishy thing, but the DTs make it a different amp. All that bottom end that Voxy style amps kinda lack is made up for at the speaker. Top end is smoothed over. Not a very Voxy sound, but a damned fine one. The 5E3 too works pretty well, though mostly with a treble booster or such involved to help even out that bottom end. I was less impressed with my BF style amp, which is odd, since that's exactly what the OP has here. Not bad, by any means, but not my favorite.

But, yeah, overall, these speakers are fantastic. Gonna have to eventually try the 12 and 15s too. Really unique sound and feel. Certainly not for everyone (remember, they're the anti-chime), but awesome at what they do. If you fear the icepick, and you want punchy, and a big bottom, you should give 'em a serious look.

Did I mention that I like them? I do.
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